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    Top 21 of 2021: Mediasite’s Favorites of this Year!

    December 30, 2021

    What a year it has been! From COVID vaccines to Kim and Kanye getting a divorce, this year has been nothing short of surprises. Luckily, we here at Mediasite have been able to deliver the same high-quality video you’ve all come to expect for everything from training to meetings to learning and networking. Among all our video developments, we have also had some great professional success within our company that cannot go unmentioned. To give you all the bigger picture, here are some of our top highlights from the past year:

    YOU! Our wonderful customers!

    You are the reason that we have the successes we do and the reason and motivation we use to keep providing top-notch, quality platforms for any video need. Thanks to you all, Mediasite has continued to develop new solutions and methods of engagement. And, thanks to you, we’ve learned to adapt and evolve our platform to support events, education and the corporate world despite the real-world chaos surrounding us all. Give yourself a pat on the back!

    Awards, Awards, Awards

    Mediasite has fully swept the awards scene again this year. We are so grateful to be recognized for all the hard work we do for our customers each and every day. Some of our most notable wins include:

    • Best Tool for Remote Learning in Higher Education – Tech and Learning
    • Finalist for the EdTech Cool Tool Award – EdTech
    • Best Remote/Blended Learning Tool – Tech and Learning

    Joe Mozden appointed to Forbes Business Council

    Our fearless leader and CEO, Joe Mozden, was invited to join the Forbes Business Council, a growth and networking organization for successful business owners and leaders worldwide. The group is comprised of industry leaders who have a successful track record of impacting business growth metrics. Mozden was truly honored and stated, “The Forbes Business Council allows us to build stronger relationships in this community as well as increase our share of voice, and I am honored to be included.”

    Our first EVER fully virtual Mediasite Experience

    The Mediasite Experience Conference or MSX has always been a great place for us to see our customers and provide helpful insights about video and utilizing content. This year was no exception! MSX21 was a virtual conference that took all the elements of our previous in-person conferences and worked them into a virtual platform that was accessible for everyone. From a group Facebook page to 1:1 Sessions, we did everything possible to capture the magic of MSX and bring it to everyone’s screens.

    What’s New in Mediasite?

    If you’re a frequent and long-term flyer of Mediasite, you know that we typically provide updates on our blog about what upgrades and enhancements are being made to the Mediasite platform. We decided over the past few quarters to turn that into a webinar series where you hear directly from our product experts about how you can best utilize these upgrades. It has been a great way to hear about the newest and innovative features of Mediasite, and how those features can support you and your virtual world.

    Financial Success!

    Just this year, SOFO was able to raise $3.4 million dollars from selling common stock at market pricing. These funds allowed SOFO and the Mediasite product to execute new market strategies that were discussed with our shareholders and continue to put fresh new ideas in motion to continue to innovate on Mediasite. Read more about it in this press release.

    Two New Executive Directors

    Mediasite was able to secure a new Director of Marketing, Sarah Wilde, and a new Director of Business Development, Donny Neufuss. Both Donny and Sarah are helping to expand the Mediasite product with their expertise and knowledge. All our customers and shareholders will continue to benefit from the insight Sarah and Donny bring to Mediasite.

    30 Years of Being in Business

    Sonic Foundry is celebrating 30 years in business this year! From sound systems to deployable video, Sonic Foundry sure has experienced a lot of growth and development in the last 30 years. Over the past 3 decades, we’ve seen changes in the industry, met new staff and gotten to know many ever-so-loyal customers…oh, and we navigated a pandemic that rippled through every facet of our virtual business. It’s been a wild ride, and we couldn’t be more thankful for the customers by our side!

    Want to read more about our 30 years in business? Check out our resource blog and what customers and staff say they love about Mediasite!

    Success at the University of Leeds

    Like many other schools all over the world, the University of Leeds had to navigate virtual learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. They flipped their on-site Mediasite setup to the Mediasite Cloud and were able to readily access their video content without having to rely on on-site infrastructure. Their successful transition to virtual learning is a credit to their flexibility, insight and willingness to adapt to real-world conditions.

    The University only had to pay for services they needed and they no longer needed to pay for updated physical models.

    Read more about the success of the University of Leeds in this case study.

    Joe Mozden being named top ten IT leader

    Our fearless leader and CEO Joe Mozden continued to pave the way in the world of video, and he was certainly recognized for it. Industry Era named him on the list of top 10 IT Leaders of 2021 for his contribution to the exceptional growth that Mediasite and Sonic Foundry had this year. Between the growth in video production, award-winnings and nominations as well as helping companies reach new milestones with the power of video, Joe Mozden certainly earned his spot as a top 10 IT Leader.

    Check out all of the details in this press release.

    Some Really Wonderful Partnerships

    It always makes us happy to work with some of the top leaders in the tech and video industry. Mediasite gets to learn something new as well as share our wealth of knowledge with thousands of people through the help of some of our strategic partnerships.

    One of our most notable pairings of this year was our project with rAve publications. Together we created a webinar showcasing Mediasite in a way that was both engaging and informative. Our Executive VP Rob Lipps worked with Gary Kayye, the Director and Co-Founder of the rAve Agency to highlight Mediasite’s extensive offerings to top video users and creators. Missed it? Never fear! Register here to watch on-demand!

    Launch of Mediasite 8.0

    You asked. We listened. This year, Mediasite was able to provide a serious overhaul and upgrade to our existing software to meet the needs of ALL our customers! With several technical upgrades and new engagement solutions, Mediasite 8.0 has set the standard for all things video capture.

    Read all about what’s to love about Mediasite 8.0 in this blog.

    Student Success

    It’s not very often that Mediasite gets to experience first-hand what it is like to navigate the world of learning in the middle of a pandemic. Through some of our own student/Mediasite experts, we were able to get their real time experience and advice across all areas of learning in a virtual or hybrid environment.

    Learn more about what students need and want through our experts at Mediasite!

    Broadening Industry Knowledge

    It’s always good to look at the bigger picture when it comes to the events industry, especially with all the virtual components entering the space. However, industry knowledge can come in a lot of different forms and can be overwhelming to try and navigate. Luckily, Mediasite Events has your back.

    Mediasite Events and BizBash partnered up to provide all event stakeholders with information about the current state of virtual and hybrid events in the middle of the pandemic. Things like the new normal of events, how to monetize your virtual event and the prominence of a hybrid component in future events.

    Read a summary of the whitepaper or download the pdf using this blog.

    2021 Continued to Reap the Benefits of Institutionalized Video

    At the beginning of 2021, Mediasite experts and CEO Joe Mozden had predicted that 2020’s use of video in everyday life would only continue to grow. Several strategies were encouraged for organizations all over the world to help utilize and maximize the potential of video including:

    • Choosing the right technology to be instantly remote-ready
    • Being considerate of your online audience
    • Leveraging video to keep employees engaged
    • Moving to the cloud to scale video training and storage more quickly

    As we have seen through the success of our customers, it’s clear that they took these strategies to heart and were able to scale their video usage with support from Mediasite. Read more about each of these solutions and ideas in this blog.

    Joe Mozden Participating in a Virtual GeoInvesting Event

    Joe was able to join GeoInvesting CEO and Co-Founder Maj Soueidan for a live Q&A to talk about how Sonic Foundry is changing the world of video. Joe covered all the benefits of the Mediasite Video Platform and how it is aiding schools, organizations and corporations in their learning and working strategies. Joe also made it clear that Mediasite is going to continue to be an integral part of this digital-first world. It was a thrill and a pleasure to be able to participate in a virtual event with an organization that has been praising our efforts since the beginning of 2020.

    Read more about the GeoInvesting event in this press release.

    Dell Having Virtual Success

    DellTV was one of the many companies that made the cost-effective switch to Mediasite. With the increasing need for video in their organization of nearly 160,000 employees, they needed Mediasite’s customizable, scalable solutions in order to communicate and collaborate in real-time.

    Mediasite sat down with Lawrence Grafton, Dell’s Field Enablement Strategy Lead & DellTV Administrator, to discuss Mediastie’s effect on the internal communications of the company. Register here to watch on-demand today!

    Bank of Sun Prairie’s First Ever Virtual Shareholder Meeting

    Virtual meetings and events are becoming a part of the everyday norm in the workforce. The Bank of Sun Prairie made their own history with their first-ever virtual stockholder meeting in their 124 years in business. They were able to expand the meeting to an array of stockholders and provided engagement and education to an audience near and far. Read the full case study.

    Panel Participation!

    Mediasite’s first fully virtual MSX allowed us to reach customers and experts that were not deemed possible in the age of a fully in-person conference. This also meant that we were able to secure a diverse panel of speakers to speak on behalf of the direction of video and what it means for future generations across all industries of video.

    On top of our Executive VP Rob Lipps, Margot Douaihy: Contributing Writer with Future, and lecturer at Franklin Pierce University, Cindy Davis: Contributing Editor at AV Technology, Deviki Gupta: EdTech market analyst and Secondary Research Manager at Weld North Education came together to discuss the impact of video on the generations to come. Read more about the panel in this press release and register to watch on-demand today!

    Avoiding the Potential Pitfalls of Hybrid Events

    Even if you are the smartest, most experienced event or video expert in the world, there are some things that come up with a virtual or hybrid event that are just hard to avoid–even for Mediasite experts! Luckily, Mediasite’s extensive video experience has given us the tools and knowledge we need to work through any problems that pop up during a virtual or hybrid event. Mediasite’s Events Team put together this on-demand webinar to share some of the most common problems and pitfalls of virtual events – and the best way to navigate them.

    Our Mediasite Video Experts

    Without our wonderful Mediasite video experts, Mediasite would not be what it is today. From our engineers to our product development team to the people who put Mediasite on the map, you truly are one of our favorite groups of 2021!

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