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Mediasite Mosaic

Create powerful content from anywhere — with just one click

Mediasite Mosaic makes it a snap to create great looking videos, screencasts and slideshows, wherever you are. From demos and video training to flipped classes, lectures and assignments, everything you need is in one simple-to-use tool.

With Mediasite Mosaic you can:

  • Record display, camera and microphone simultaneously and create a multi-track video presentation to upload to My Mediasite
  • Record online or offline and upload anytime
  • Record video and audio from built-in or USB cameras, microphones and other Bluetooth devices
  • Preview video before, during or after recording
  • Monitor audio levels
  • Display app in light or dark mode

One-click recording

Mediasite Mosaic allows users to create great-looking videos and screencasts with just one click. With Macs or PCs and built-in or external microphones and cameras, you can capture video communications, lectures, assignments, trainings and more.


Plus, you can add additional media, links, quizzing and other engagement features to videos to enhance and personalize content.

Manage Zoom and collaborative recordings

Mediasite Mosaic is more than just video capture. It’s a robust tool to manage content created with other systems, too. As everyone communicates from their home offices around the world, they’re using different tools to stay connected – Mediasite, Zoom, WebEx, Teams, LMSs, etc. 

Mosaic monitors when new content is being created locally on a user’s device, giving them the option to automatically upload their meeting recordings, corporate communications, trainings and classroom discussions created with other tools to Mediasite 

Learn more in our on-demand webinar, Introducing Mediasite’s New Capture App.

5,200 organizations trust Mediasite for video done right.

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