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The most automated & scalable video platform

Meet Mediasite

Mediasite Suite

Mediasite is the most automated and scalable video platform for every aspect of your video deployment. Capture, edit, share, search and manage videos in one secure place. With maximum flexibility in capture and deployment options and the highest quality viewing experience, Mediasite has the most watched content in the space. We also have the most extensive team of video experts to help you achieve your goals.


Record from any device, anywhere.


Enhance powerful content.


Connect with your audience.


Data at your fingertips.

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5,200 organizations trust Mediasite for video done right.

Are you ready to join them?

Flexible Deployment Options

Mediasite offers capture solutions to fit the needs of any department, campus, organization and budget. On-premises with Mediasite Video Platform or in the Mediasite Video Cloud, choose the video streaming and management model that works best for you. You can even combine models for a hybrid approach.

Mediasite On-Premises


Mediasite Video Cloud

Mediasite Video Cloud

Mediasite Support
5 Star Customer Care

5-Star Customer Care

Your success will always come first with us. We are the only company in our space dedicated to providing support year-round on the road. We also have the most extensive team of video experts to help you achieve your goals.

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Let us know how to reach you. We’ll get in touch about how you can implement video technology on your campus or in your organization.

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