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Creating a global community with a single internal media platform: How DellTV did it

Creating a global community with a single internal media platform: How DellTV did it

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With nearly 160,000 employees around the world, Dell was spending a fortune on weekly live video presentations for training and internal communications. They needed a cost-effective, forward-thinking solution to streamline, centralize, and leverage their internal media — and they found it in Mediasite. Creating a single-platform, branded DellTV, not only saved the company time and money — it harnessed the collective energy of their employee base,  making it easier to access and create video content, collaborate, and communicate in real-time, and truly create a global community. In this webinar, Lawrence Grafton, Dell’s Field Enablement Strategy Lead & DellTV Administrator takes a deep-dive into DellTV and how it’s transformed the company’s internal communications.

This webinar is a must-see for anyone who’s interested in using the Mediasite video platform to educate, communicate, and collaborate more effectively. Register today and explore how Mediasite is deployed within the Dell ecosystem to:

  • Create an engaged community of Dell employees from all over the world with an all-in-one platform that houses video content,  making it easy to create engaging and interactive live experiences.
  • Increase company-wide content accessibility through the utilization of a cloud-based network and tools like captioning and transcription.
  • Provide the company with powerful video analytics and reports to show exactly who’s watching what and when — helping to make more informed decisions on future content.

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