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Take that first exciting video step confidently.

This is your deployment. Let’s make it about you.

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A place your data can call home . . . 

Host your data onpremises, choose a cloud-based option, or leverage the benefits of both with a hybrid solution. We’ll help you choose the video streaming and management model that works best for you. 

Host your own content  

If deployment behind your firewall is a must, we have you covered with our Mediasite Video Platform. Mediasite is designed to work with your existing infrastructure. That ultimately means you – and your video viewers – can count on high-quality streaming.

Let us host your content 

While you focus on creating videos, we’ll focus on managing them. Mediasite Video Cloud gives you peace of mind, ensuring that your videos are always available to your audience wherever they are in the world.

Seize the potential of a private cloud station

Okay, so you want full control of your video data. But what if you also want the flexibility of leveraging third-party cloud support like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure Cloud Services? Mediasite can make that happen. Our suite of applications can be downloaded and installed on Windows Virtual Machines, allowing you the benefits of cloud infrastructure and a self-hosted solution.

Find the harmony in a hybrid approach 

Lots of customers do on-premises hosting for their day-to-day recordings and then use cloud support for major one-off events. That allows them to divert exceptionally high traffic from their own networks. Could that work for you, too? We’ll figure it out together.

Breathe easier with a global network of expert support

The Mediasite Customer Care team is dedicated to providing support whenever and wherever you need it. We’re talking from the initial stages of deployment to the day-to-day functioning once you’re up and running.


Providing tech support effectively doesn’t happen automatically. It’s an acquired skill. Fortunately, the team you have to rely on just happens to excel at it.

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Smart decisions, sensible licensing

No two enterprise video deployments are alike, so you shouldn’t have to pay a one-size-fits-all price. That’s why our Mediasite licensing models are individually priced to fit your unique video needsCloud-based or on-premisesone room or 100, there’s a Mediasite solution that’s right-sized for you – and your budget.

5,200 organizations trust Mediasite for video done right.

Are you ready to join them?

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