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    Make your Learning Count – 3 Tips for Making the Most of your Virtual Learning Component

    September 24, 2021

    When the pandemic arrived in full force in early 2020, education, like many other fields, was impacted in a major way. Schools closed, teachers scrambled to create virtual lessons, coursework and content overnight, and students struggled to stay engaged and motivated when their lives were turned upside down.  

    Higher education was no exception, despite the fact that virtual learning has been a part of college learning for years. What changed, however, was that video was the only way we could learn, communicate or collaborate with our teachers and classmates. That change foreshadowed the future of video in higher education, and it’s become clearer than ever that video is THE future of education.  

    For the past three semesters, after Covid dramatically changed how my university offered courses, video learning has been at the forefront of my learning curriculum. As I enter my senior year of college, I think about how far I’ve come as a “virtual” student, and all that I’ve learned along the way. Through trial and error, I’ve figured out how to leverage virtual learning in a way that increases my comprehension and overall school experience.  

    Video learning is here to stay, and after using it extensively the past 18 months, I’m confident I’ve cracked the code and learned techniques any student, employee or worker could use in a virtual or hybrid environment.  

    Here are 3 tips for learning in today’s virtual learning world: 

    1. Utilize the unlimited time that on-demand video offers 

    Whether you need a bit more time to absorb information or want to rewatch portions for clarity, on-demand video is your best friend. You can pause, fast-forward, Rewind, and rewatch. On-demand video gives you the chance to make sure you have the time and opportunity to fully understand the material and it gives you the chance to learn on your own time at your own pace. So take advantage of it! No matter what you’re learning, time is on your side when it comes to on-demand video.  

    2. Closed captioning is everyone’s friend 

    According to Streaming Media, it is suggested that about 80% of people who utilize closed captions aren’t learning impaired. They argue that closed captions augment the learning experience and allow people to absorb and process the information being presented to them. 

    Don’t get me wrong, I am a visual learner and I love having the personal connection of video, but closed captioning gives video an added bonus; you can read while watching and listening to make sure you understand what’s being said correctly.  

    3. Engagement tools are there for a reason 

    It can be really easy to just sit and passively watch video, but is that what you are paying thousands of dollars a year for as a college student? Or earning as a corporate leader? Video offers tools that help support your learning, collaboration and coursework – make the most of it!  

    Whenever a poll or question pops up, instead of sighing or groaning, take it as a learning opportunity. All of the techniques that are being used to make sure you are actually listening to the material instead of just hearing or reading the material. Plus they can be a nice mental break when you need it! 

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