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    Make the Most of your Video in 2022 – Top Expected Trends

    December 28, 2021

    If there’s anything we’ve learned about video in the past 2 years, it’s that it’s here to stay. Beyond being timeless, video allows tailored content and engaging access for a variety of learning styles. While we have definitely gotten more comfortable with the use of video in day-to-day life (and learning!), 2022 will reinforce the trends from the past few years in a new way.  We conducted some research on 2022 video trends from Epipheo, Designing Digitally and Aptara and created this list of some of the top trends projected to take over the video sphere in 2022:

    Interactive Video

    This is a trend that has only grown in popularity since the start of the pandemic. Whether you are promoting a product or trying to teach someone a new skill, having an interactive video is crucial for consumers to retain your message. Polls? Chat? Q&A? Creating interactive experiences throughout your video is almost expected nowadays, and finding and creating options to keep your viewers’ interest is essential in the coming year.

    This method also allows users to feel in control of their own video experience and can engage as much or as little as they want to. It also allows your viewers to stay focused on your content by enabling that two-way communication.

    Live Videos

    No, we don’t mean Instagram live. Conducting a live video webinar or training session allows all viewers to be a part of the experience wherever they are – and we all know people are spending more and more time in the comforts of their own homes.     Allowing users to be able to access content in their own environment will further drive video training and engagement.


    Companies and individuals have taken up the form of vlogging to showcase real-life experiences and interactions. This “real world” mentality allows for whoever is seeing your video to relate to whatever is being documented and creates a more authentic relationship between the content and the viewer.

    Although vlogging may be seen as something that teenagers watch in their pastimes, many institutions are utilizing this videography method to get information out quickly and efficiently. Try offering a how-to video, or a behind-the-scenes exploration of your business or product. Viewers love “inside” information and showcasing real people, places or things, you’ll give viewers a chance to build a relationship with your brand.

    Captioned Videos

    Anyone else watch Netflix with the subtitles? No? Just me? Okay. Captioned videos allow for multiple learning styles and levels of accessibility to consume content, and give viewers an opportunity to focus on the messages being shared.

    Mediasite is no stranger to using captioned video. About one-third of our Mediasite viewers use captions on their live and on-demand video.

    Personalized Employee Training

    Training is not everyone’s favorite thing to do, but is necessary for corporations and all employees. Video can be utilized to curate a personalized training session that applies to the individual rather than all employees.

    While it may be more work to create multiple types of training sessions, your employees’ performance and engagement with training will be even higher.

    Quality over Quantity

    Say goodbye to long, drawn-out, two-hour videos repeating the same information over and over. In 2022, viewers are savvy, and value quality over quantity. You need to carefully select the right length of video to get your viewers to understand your main points, and to help them remain invested and engaged in your message.

    This is a good practice for more than just video. Think about where areas in your video or writing content get repetitive, or where less explanation is needed. This will pay off for your video content strategy in the long run. 

    Working for Wellbeing

    In 2022, there will be a huge emphasis on preserving and supporting mental health. People want to feel fulfilled in their work – whether in business, education or in their personal lives.

    In today’s video-heavy world, making connections through the screen is critical, and should mimic an in-person experience as much as possible. Use video to check-in, stay connected and build engagement with your team, or find ways to incorporate “fun” or wellness into your content.


    Along the same lines as quality over quantity, small bits of targeted video can often be more effective than longer, lecture-style video. People can pick and choose their video learning content in small pieces that are specifically tailored to their learning and training needs. By creating content that can be easily consumed, understood and accessed, you’ll give your viewers multiple opportunities to engage, learn and build community.

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