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Mediasite is everything you need to:

Transform Healthcare

Scalable, reliable, affordable . . . oh, and easy

The potential for video in healthcare is vast. But without an effective video platform, all that potential remains . . . potential. From medical training to patient education, sharing vital healthcare knowledge has never been easier. Get the most value with Mediasite. We’re the global leader in video solutions for healthcare. 

  • Embed quizzes in medical training videos to check comprehension or grant online CME credits
  • Enable viewers to instantly pinpoint moments in recorded procedures, simulations, and grand rounds with 100% searchable content
  • Automatically manage, organize and deliver healthcare videos in a centralized and secure video hub
  • Track all video activity in real time for customizable snapshots of student or trainee interest and understanding
  • Enhance medical training videos and personalize learning by understanding most-watched segments and drop-off points

With Mediasite in Healthcare, You Can:

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Feed the video hunger

As telehealth becomes more common, staff and patients are expecting to learn and communicate with video. Meet their needs with a reliable – and scalable – healthcare video capture system that removes distance and ensures they always have the latest information.


Empower patients with informative videos with pre- and post-op instructions.


Capture anywhere, any time

With personal capture, your video creation scenarios are limitless. Thanks to our simple-to-use software, staff can record on and upload procedures, simulations and medical training videos from any device.

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Keep everyone in the know

Miss grand rounds today? Check out the recorded video. Staff need medical training? Save time and travel costs – and accommodate busy schedules – with on-demand training videos from a centralized virtual library.

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Share complex information with ease

Show up to four HD videos simultaneously, ideal for medical procedures, labs, simulations, training and online CME programs.


Edit with simple-to-use tools – from anywhere

Edit videos using your favorite web browser with no software download required. You can even collaborate in the cloud with colleagues as you review, comment on, modify and approve videos before publishing.


Get the words out

Benefit from the speed, accuracy and affordability of IBM Watson’s new generation of speech-to-text capabilities for better captioning, transcribing and searching.


Help viewers search, locate and learn better

Good things happen when you boost your staff’s ability to find keywords efficiently – whether on slides, on handwritten boards, in the audio, or included as metatags.

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Inform and inspire staff

Elevate your grand rounds or other meetings with exceptional streaming quality and take advantage of engagement tools like Mediasite’s moderated Q&A feature, which creates a comfortable forum for staff discourse.

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Check your viewer’s temperature with polls

Gain an understanding of overall opinions, comprehension, satisfaction levels, etc. At the same time, polls engage people and get them thinking and reacting.

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Embed quizzes to check on performance

Embed quizzes right in your medical training or CME videos to confirm viewing, grant certifications, or just check comprehension levels. Plus, you can automatically score and export results.

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Meet the needs of sophisticated viewers

A high-quality viewing experience matters more and more, especially as the most video-literate generation ever joins the healthcare workforce. Mediasite’s updated, customized player makes viewing easy and engaging on any device.

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Demystify viewer behavior

So what exactly happens when that video gets published? It doesn’t have to be a mystery. With Mediasite’s analytics you can better understand how staff (and patients) are – and aren’t  – interacting with your videos.  

Ready to Get Started with Mediasite?

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