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Mediasite Overview

Mediasite is a complete video platform to capture, deliver, search and manage all enterprise video.

Mediasite Events Overview

Turnkey streaming & webcasting services for live and hybrid events.

Mediasite Video Platform

Mediasite Video Platform is an automated and scalable system for creating, publishing, searching and managing all of your video.

Mediasite Player

Deliver the most interactive and consistent video experience to any device.

Mediasite Analytics

Mediasite’s powerful video analytics and built-in reports provide deep insights, showing exactly who is watching what and when.

Mediasite Join

Record, stream and manage video and web conference calls.

Mediasite Monitoring Service

Gauge the operational health of your Mediasite assets in real-time and be alerted to any incidents, before you even know there’s a problem.

What’s New in Mediasite 7.2

The latest Mediasite enhancements are designed to provide easy and intuitive high-quality video options for any organization, campus or budget.


Mediasite RL220 Recorder

Ideal for technology-light teaching and learning spaces, the Mediasite RL220 Recorder makes day-to-day video and content capture possible for any room on campus or in the office.

Mediasite RL780 MultiView Recorder

Designed to capture and stream the most engaging multi-source video, the Mediasite RL780 MultiView Recorder is ideal for medical simulations, complex engineering applications or multi-camera demonstrations and events.

Mediasite ML900 Recorder Series

Mediasite ML900 Series Recorders are the perfect go-anywhere appliance to record and live stream broadcast-quality video content.

Mediasite RL900 Series Recorder

Mediasite RL900 Recorders provide the most reliable and automated video recording and streaming for high-volume teaching and learning spaces like lecture halls, training facilities, auditoriums and classrooms.

Mediasite RL Mini Recorder

The plug-and-play Mediasite RL Mini makes it easy and affordable to equip smaller teaching and elearning spaces, or rooms without built-in AV sources, with automated video capture.


Mediasite Connect

Mediasite Connect is designed to be a one-stop shop – a secure online YouTube-esque portal where remote attendees can register and pay for, watch and engage with and share video content.

My Mediasite

My Mediasite makes it easy to create great looking screencasts and slideshows. From demos and video training to flipped classes, lectures and assignments, everything you need to record, edit and publish video, wherever you are.

Mediasite Catch

Mediasite Catch is a room-based video capture software solution that is scalable, reliable and economical for spaces with limited technology or budget constraints.

Mediasite Join

Record, stream and manage video and web conference calls.

LMS Integrations

Mediasite Building Block for Blackboard Learn

Record, upload, publish and watch rich video in any Blackboard course.

Mediasite App for Canvas

Upload, publish and watch video in any Canvas course.

Mediasite App for Sakai

Upload, publish and watch video in any Sakai course.

Mediasite App for Brightspace

Upload, publish and watch video in any Brightspace course.

Mediasite Content Module for Moodle

Record, upload, publish and watch rich video in any Moodle course.

4,900 organization trust Mediasite for video done right.

Are you ready to join them?

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