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Welcome to the classroom of the future

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Your elusive search for effective
live online learning ends here.

If you’re newer to teaching with video, talking to a camera can feel like talking to an empty room. (Is this thing on?)


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


In this new digital-first world with 500+ distractions, give your students the quality learning experience they deserve with Mediasite. Reach all students live or on-demand, and empower them to collaborate like never before.

Live Online Learning

Video Lessons

Interactive Learning

Virtual Campus Events

Video Solutions for Education’s Biggest Challenges

transform learning ebook

E-BOOK: Transform Learning Campus-Wide with Video

Learn how to quickly start streaming lectures, remove technical burdens from faculty and enhance student success.

Bring your classroom into the digital world

Create video lessons from anywhere

Give students a front row seat with video

Don’t cancel campus events, go virtual

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