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Mediasite is everything you need to:

Transform Education

Scalable, reliable, affordable . . . oh, and easy

The potential for video in higher education is vast. But without an effective video platform, all that potential remains . . . potential. Whether you’re equipping one classroom or hundreds, get the most value with Mediasite. We’re the global leader in academic video technology for higher education. 

  • Increase student engagement with interactive video tools for improved student retention and better learning outcomes  
  • Let your students instantly pinpoint exact video moments with 100% searchable content  
  • Check student comprehension and boost achievement with embedded quizzes and polls 
  • Centralize, manage, organize and deliver content in a customized, dynamic video hub
  • Personalize learning by understanding most-watched segments and drop-off points
  • Track all video activity in real time for customizable snapshots of student interest and understanding

With Mediasite in Education, You Can:


Boost student achievement and retention

Create engaging and personalized classes that let students learn at their own pace.


Show up and teach

Mediasite’s automated capture gives your faculty the freedom to teach and present the way they want – no equipment futzing required.


Capture anywhere, anytime

With personal capture, your video creation scenarios are limitless. Thanks to our simple-to-use software, instructors (and students) can record on and upload lecture capture videos and assignments from any device.


Upload easily to your LMS

Making video as accessible as possible is crucial. Students and faculty can interact with videos from within the course LMS, on any device.

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Tap into new student markets with distance learning

Reach a wider audience with Mediasite’s convenient lecture capture video system, and make them feel more connected to campus and faculty.

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Share complex information with ease

Show up to four HD videos simultaneously, ideal for tutorials, labs and simulations.


Edit with simple-to-use tools – from anywhere

Edit videos using your favorite web browser with no software download required. You can even collaborate in the cloud with colleagues as you review, comment on, modify, and approve video before publishing.


Help students search, locate, and learn better

Good things happen when students can easily pinpoint keywords in lecture capture videos. Let students search everything – slides, handwritten notes, the audio and metatags.

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Promote student-instructor interaction

Highlight video moments with annotations. Let instructors underscore key concepts, add explanation, and invite student comments. This creates a virtual discussion area that becomes a permanent part of the on-demand video.

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Demystify the student viewer

So what exactly happens when that video gets published? It doesn’t have to be a mystery. With Mediasite’s video analytics you can better understand how students are – and aren’t – interacting with your videos.

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Help students measure their own progress

There’s no need to pass around printed pop quizzes anymore. Just embed them directly into Mediasite presentations, allowing students to test their knowledge of topics. Plus, automatically score them and export results.

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Cater to digital natives with video assignments

Students are glued to their devices all day. They’re watching lecture capture videos, funny YouTube channels and their latest binge on Netflix. Why should their assignments be any different? Student assignment submission lets them create videos and instantly share them with their instructors and peers within their LMS.

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Encourage students to ask questions

Let online students engage with their instructors in real time with moderated Q&A.

Ready to Get Started with Mediasite?

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