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    New Survey from BizBash and Mediasite Events Explores the State of Virtual and Hybrid Events One Year Into A Pandemic

    June 24, 2021

    The pandemic sent shockwaves through the meetings, conferences, and events industry. After a tumultuous year, it was important to take stock and see what had changed — and what the path towards a semblance of normalcy going forward might look like.  

    It’s against this backdrop that Mediasite Events partnered with BizBash to conduct a survey to identify how business professionals have adapted, what they have learned and, where they still struggle to continue to create valuable solutions for conforming to hybrid events. 

    Download the full report here. Here’s a sneak peek and you can read today’s press release, Mediasite Events and BizBash Survey Reveals Over 40 Percent of Event Planners Preparing for Hybrid Events in 2021 and Beyond, here

    The “New Norm” of Hybrid Events

    It’s safe to say we’re not exactly going back to a pre-pandemic world. The survey results justify the positive change in the attitude toward virtual events and online communication. By identifying areas of growth and opportunities for knowledge building, the comfortability of virtual and hybrid events continues to expand.

    In 2019, 33 percent of respondents said they did not use video for their events. Two years later, that number has fallen to a mere 7 percent. Even more remarkable was the survey finding that roughly three in four (74 percent of) planners in 2021 plan to replace in-person events with virtual equivalents, and the number of planners who record breakout and educational sessions skyrocketed, rising from 8 percent who said they record all these sessions in 2019 to 51 percent who do so today.  

    Why You Should Monetize Your Event: A Guide  

    Monetization opportunities are critical in the virtual sphere. Whether it be event attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, or upper management, these business professionals are seeking validation that the change to a hybrid event is worth their investment. The recent survey identified that 43 percent of respondents are not monetizing their content simply because they do not have the means to do so. With the use of Mediasite’s technological tools, individuals will be able to capture and quantify ROI. Incremental revenue generation and quantitative engagement metrics will also be provided, while continuing to bridge the budgetary gap that event organizers often face when trying to monetize their content.  

    The survey results also indicated that although many organizers understand the importance of quantifying the ROI of an event, many professionals are not taking advantage of this tool. 

    Take a Look into the Future- Hybrid Retains Prominence

    Even as in-person events begin to reemerge, hybrid is here to stay. As virtual approaches continue to be an integral part of the events landscape, engaging solutions and adjustments will continue to evolve.  

    Read the full report here

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