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5,200+ organization trust Mediasite for video done right

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Turn Zoom classes into valuable study tools

The seamless, automated workflow between Zoom, Mediasite and your learning management system gives you the power to:  

  • Help students review content – data shows it improves student outcomes!  
  • Keep faculty and students safe while still advancing your learning objectives 
  • Record where you’re comfortable, and get the full functionality of Mediasite with engagement, accessibility and reporting features  
  • Create fully automated transcripts of your Zoom recordings that are automatically uploaded to your specific course within your LMS 
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Secure your Zoom content in one place

By creating a robust, organized and interactive video channel of Zoom + Mediasite content, you get:  


  • Closed captioning and audio transcriptions with confidence scoring  
  • Flexible cloud storage  
  • Powerful search across all your video content 
  • Video and caption editing tools for rich, adaptable study resources  
  • Anytime anywhere publishing from any device  
  • Interactivity features like embedded quizzing and polling to track viewer engagement  
  • Back-end analytics and built-in reports showing exactly who is watching what and when 

Managing Videos Made Easy

Are you recording Zoom content locally to your computer?


The one-click video capture app Mediasite Mosaic not only lets you create videos fast, it’s also a robust tool to manage content created with other systems like Zoom. Mosaic monitors when new content is being created locally on your device, giving you the option to automatically upload your collaborative lesson recordings to Mediasite, alongside your other video content.   

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“It’s been amazing how everyone has pulled together to ensure our students are successful during this new reality. We were lucky enough to already have Mediasite and other collaborative tools up and running when the pandemic first hit, and that made all the difference.”

Amber Schaefer, Educational Technology Administrator, Western University of Health Sciences

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