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Maximize learning in the
virtual classroom

The video platform built for the online learning era

The center of education has shifted to live online video learning and wireless access. With Mediasite, you can empower instructors and give students the uninterrupted, quality classroom experience they deserve — whether live online, in-person, or hybrid.

Reduce disruptions to learning during uncertain times

Empower educators with modern learning tools

Boost student grades and retention

What could live online learning look like for your school? 

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Virtual-Learning Flipped-Classroom

Flip the classroom to maximize the value of live instruction

Blend live discussion with on-demand video learning, right in your LMS. In a flipped classroom, students are empowered to learn at their own pace, so when class starts they’re ready to discuss and collaborate.

Virtual-Learning Engagement

Unlock a new dimension of student engagement

Go beyond flat video conferencing. Augment lecture videos with links to more information, measure comprehension with in-video polls and quizzes, add annotations to underscore key concepts, and interact directly with students through Q&As, live chat, and comments.

Virtual-Learning Analytics

Gain valuable insight to improve outcomes

Give instructors the feedback they need to design engaging classes and gain confidence in a new online learning environment. Track viewership, usage patterns, group and individual student outcomes, investment ROI, and more.

Virtual-Learning Integrations

Integrate with the tools they already use and know

Mediasite works with Zoom, or any other video conferencing tool, and your existing recording equipment. It integrates perfectly with every major LMS, and it effortlessly scales campus or district-wide — which means less new technology to buy, learn, and maintain.


“We’ve been using Mediasite for the past 15 years….it took us less than a week to pivot to virtual.”

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