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    What to Love about Sonic Foundry– Celebrating 30 Years in Business

    December 01, 2021

    Sonic Foundry is celebrating 30 years of business! The last 30 years have been filled with growth, innovation, and transformation. A huge part of our success begins with our loyal customers and the talented employees who support them.

    We asked our customers and our employees to tell us some of the things that they love about Sonic Foundry. Whether it be our products, our company culture, or our continuous drive for excellence.

    This is what our customers said:

    • The ease at which you can go in and record and publish continues to make Mediasite the leader. (GEOSET)
    • We are happy to have established a solid and successful relationship with Sonic Foundry before the inception of our hybrid events. Sonic Foundry has played an important role in EDUCAUSE delivering hybrid events. We sincerely appreciate the work their onsite staff accomplishes at our events to turn them into quality online experiences (EDUCAUSE)
    • Mediasite had a solid track record in the educational sector and an excellent customer base to build on, but the automation of the work processes using Mediasite was the key. (TU Delft)
    • Mediasite gives us an edge by allowing us to flexibly deliver our educational content to a wide academic network. (Goethe University)
    • Keep it coming, seriously. It is the source of my academic success. My grades would really suffer if I didn’t have Mediasite. (UMaryland Dental School)
    • Mediasite for me means innovation. It gives us the freedom to try new things and reach more attorneys nationwide (NITA)
    • I became aware of the power and potential of Sonic Foundry and Mediasite several years ago, during our research and review process for the new building. After looking at several vendors, it was Sonic Foundry’s backend that impressed us. It was not just that you could record all audio, video, and presentation content, but also the indexing and archiving process which, stood out…From day one Mediasite has simply worked. (NY Law School)
    • Our partnership with Sonic Foundry allows meeting industry professionals around the globe who are unable to attend our conferences due to time, location, or travel restraints to watch the webcasts whenever and wherever is most convenient for them without missing a beat. (PCMA)
    • Since we began using Mediasite, our professional development costs decreased significantly. Before we were traveling every week to K-12 schools across the regions, but now we’re able to produce Mediasite presentations from a studio. (University of Auckland)
    • We’re thinking down the road of ways we can continue to work with Mediasite Events because we were very impressed with the team and the virtual event experience. (PDPW)
    • We have a very small team planning the conference, and we’d never be able to do this on our own without Mediasite Events’ expertise. (DT&L)
    • Our teaching and learning strategy had to convert to fully online very quickly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Mediasite certainly helped with that transition. (Edgecombe)

    This is what our employees said:

    • Our people, Our culture, Our drive, Our fluidity.
    • How we have adapted to the recently ever-changing world brought about by Covid.
    • We evolved from a work hard mentality to a work smarter strategy.
    • To be a part of the technology that is making learning possible for all kinds of students is extremely rewarding. It provides a level playing field for those students who earlier could not get a chance to review class teaching material and were shy to ask questions. Now they can do this without any hesitation, at any time, from any device, and from the comfort of their homes with ease.
    • SoFo’s MVP is a student enabler which I look at as a noble selfless cause as part of my selling.
    • It is exciting to see in my department how recording lectures has helped teachers put their best foot forward and improve the standard of teaching. And surely, without the support and help of the SoFo team, this mission would not have been possible.
    • SOFO cultivates an environment where anyone can be who they want to be and provides several opportunities for their employees to succeed!
    • I love our ability to stay current with the world of digital and video!
    • I love working with a team that really has a goal of putting out amazing products and services that have a positive impact on our customers and their end-users.
    • I enjoy how supportive and encouraging the Sonic Foundry family has been to me over the years. This type of culture is extremely rare and one of the primary reasons I have stayed here for so long.
    • Working at Sonic Foundry is the epitome of work hard/play hard. I feel I’ve learned and contributed a lot to my team because of the atmosphere we create with one another. We know when we’re on and off the field, so to speak – we have fun but know when it’s game time, too. And in both instances, we work to become a better team and teach each other new skills along the way.

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