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Mediasite Pricing

Customized to you

No two enterprise video deployments are alike, so you shouldn’t have to pay a one-size-fits-all price. That’s why our licensing models are individually priced to fit your unique video needs. 


When we deploy Mediasite on your campus, clinic or office, we work with you to determine your needs first. We conduct an in-depth assessment, then create a customized quote based on what we find. We work with you to create transparent pricing that allows you to budget with confidence.  

With Mediasite you get:


Automated Capture

Our automated workflows guarantee you’ll never miss a teaching, training or learning moment. From capture to publish, get peace of mind knowing everything said and shown will be recorded. Even better, you can reduce in-room support, because Mediasite lets you monitor one to hundreds of Recorders in real time.  

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Flexible Deployment

Host your data on–premises, choose a cloud-based option, or leverage the benefits of both with a hybrid solution. We’ll help you choose the video streaming and management model that works best for you.  

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Video Management

Mediasite Video Platform is the most automated and scalable system for creating, publishing, searching and managing all of your video. It lets you focus on the bigger picture – transforming education, accelerating training, personalizing communications and engaging learners. 



Edit videos using your favorite web browser with no software download required. You can even collaborate in the cloud with colleagues as you review, comment on, modify, and approve video before publishing. 

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Powerful Analytics

Mediasite’s powerful video analytics and built-in reports show exactly who is watching what and when. Monitor things like peak activity and viewership by browser, operating system and device type, and plan effectively for future video needs. 

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Engagement Tools

Engagement features like quizzing, annotations, commenting and polling help instructors measure progress and give real-time feedback on viewers’ understanding. Plus, they can see who watched what and when and filter by quiz score, time spent watching the content and length of content watched to see the effectiveness of their videos.  

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In-Content Search

As a video search pioneer for more than a decade, we know a thing or two about search precision. Mediasite automatically makes all your videos as searchable as text so you can search across and within all your content and pinpoint specific spots. 


Expert Support

The Mediasite team is dedicated to providing support whenever and wherever you need it. We’re talking from the initial stages of deployment to the day-to-day functioning once you’re up and running. Providing tech support effectively doesn’t happen automatically. It’s an acquired skill. Fortunately, the team you have to rely on just happens to excel at it. 

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Not every video is meant for everyone. We get that, so Mediasite gives you the controls to guarantee only authorized users have access. More importantly, it delivers end-to-end protection of your entire video library and all content creation, management and editing functions. 

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Advanced Integrations & APIs

Mediasite is an enterprise-grade solution that can be deployed in a variety of ways to fit your organization’s needs. Sometimes this requires integration with other authentication systems, like learning or content management systems. That’s no problem: Mediasite can support most systems right out of the box. Or we can work with you to do custom integration. And to ensure your video platform system can handle the demands you plan to put on it, Mediasite can conduct load-testing as well. 

Ready to See Mediasite in Action?

If you’re ready to see why Mediasite is the trusted cornerstone of any video strategy, fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch. 

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