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Effortlessly capture video and create powerful content from anywhere

Capture Devices

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Designed for Maximum Ease and Accessibility

An ideal option for less-experienced content creators.

Mediasite Capture provides a quick, intuitive way to record your camera, microphone, and desktop and create high-quality presentations with just a browser and Wi-Fi connection. Mediasite Capture updates automatically and requires no manual configuration or IT support, making it a perfect choice for environments where content creators work independently.

*Mediasite Capture is currently available to all Mediasite customers with an active Mosaic License. Open a case in the customer care portal or contact your account representative today to activate Mediasite Capture for your users today:

Mosaic and Mosaic Pro


A Balance of Simplicity and Functionality

An outstanding solution for users who need to produce high-quality, interactive presentations on a daily basis.

Mediasite Mosaic balances ease-of-use with maximum functionality. Mosaic combines one-click recording of your camera, microphone, and desktop with active previewing and auto-publish capabilities to deliver an exceptionally smooth and flexible content creation experience. The Pro version includes advanced scheduling features and seamless cross-device functionality for users who frequently transition between different devices and/or workspaces.

Mediasite Recorders


The Gold Standard for Automated Room-Based Capture

Mediasite offers four different hardware recorder models with rock-solid reliability and automated capture-to-publish workflows.

Mediasite Recorders and Pro Recorders provide the most secure and automated video recording and streaming experience for lecture halls, conference auditoriums, and other high-volume teaching and learning spaces.

Mediasite Mobile and Mini Recorders are the perfect go-anywhere solution, making it easy and affordable to equip smaller, AV-light rooms with automated video capture.

Mediasite Integrations


Mediasite integrates seamlessly with other video sources and platforms

These integrations enable you to import, manage, and distribute the content you need, no matter where it came from or how it was captured.

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