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LeBow College of Business

Mediasite Join was the most cost effective option for us and didn’t require additional technology to be deployed in those classrooms.
Matt Stocum, Associate Director of Technology


Drexel University LeBow College of Business needed an easy and affordable solution to integrate with its existing video conference infrastructure to capture lectures for its 3,500 online and in-class students.


The college selected Mediasite Join to capture collaborative online courses. It began using Join during the 2015 summer term, with a full rollout planned for the fall.

Mediasite Join, a cloud-based solution, expands the reach, life and value of any video conference by recording and transforming it into engaging, searchable video on-demand. With no additional appliances or equipment, it’s the easiest way to preserve everything that is said and shown in a collaborative classroom environment. Users simply invite Mediasite Join as a participant to their video conferences. It then transcodes, indexes and publishes recorded videoconferences to Mediasite alongside all their other video assets.

“Mediasite Join is a better experience than other products I’ve seen, with its separate content and video windows that you can resize to personalize your viewing experience. It provides great flexibility to the student and faculty,” said Matt Stocum, associate director of technology, LeBow College of Business. “Our long-term goal is a hybrid approach — use Mediasite Join in some classrooms along with fully integrated Mediasite capture appliances in others and My Mediasite on faculty desktops.”


The Mediasite Join service works seamlessly with the college’s Mediasite Enterprise Video Platform and Blackboard learning management system so all content is secure, searchable and centrally- managed. Plus, Mediasite’s powerful analytics show exactly who is watching what and when so faculty can understand viewing behaviors and measure their content’s impact.

“The ability to leverage existing technology investments, like Polycom, in the classrooms was a huge selling point for Mediasite Join,” Stocum said. “Mediasite Join was the most cost effective option for us and didn’t require additional technology to be deployed in those classrooms.”


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