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EDHEC Business School

With Mediasite, they simply push a button and their content is recorded, synced and uploaded with no pre- or post-production.
Bernard Curzi, Director of the Languages, Communication and IT Teaching Department


Continually ranked a top business school in France, the EDHEC Business School has five sites: Lille, Nice and Paris in France and London and Singapore. To maintain its status as a forward-thinking trailblazer in global business education, EDHEC’s leaders knew they had to break into distance learning with an innovative solution. However, that proved more difficult than expected for Bernard Curzi, professor and head of the languages, communication and IT teaching department at EDHEC Business School, who, along with his staff, searched for lecture-capture solutions for eight years.

“They were usually lacking at least one of the features Mediasite has,” Curzi said. “At the end of the day, the only solution that met all of my requirements was Mediasite. It has quality, simplicity and transparency in the classroom. I couldn’t give up on any of these features.”


Creating a state-of-the-art Mediasite classroom, which automates the production of online course content, they installed Blackboard™ Building Block, a robotic camera, document camera and motion-sensor carpet that activates the cameras as the presenter moves.

“We wanted the presenter to produce content without having to adjust their teaching style, learn new techniques or get into technical details,” Curzi said. “With Mediasite, they simply push a button and their content is recorded, synced and uploaded with no pre- or post-production.”


After creating the state-of-the-art Mediasite classroom, EDHEC Business School realized a return on investment after only a few weeks of content capture. Faculty and students report satisfaction with the technological quality of their learning experience, and companies are partnering with the school to record content, increasing their reach.

“Just a few weeks of traditional content creation covered our initial Mediasite cost,” Curzi said. “But we were looking for a capability rather than just a cost-saver. With Mediasite, we can now create learning curricula that we could only imagine before. Mediasite has had a tremendous impact on the appreciation of eLearning, and the enhanced quality of the learning experience is rooted in the technological quality. The image is so clear it’s as if you’re in the room.”

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