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Goethe University

Mediasite gives us an edge by allowing us to flexibly deliver our educational content to a wide academic network.
Ullrich Grimm, Multimedia Specialist


While preparing to teach a high school chemistry class, Maya Tutughamiarso, a graduate student at Goethe University, had difficulty connecting with her students. Not in the typical “teenager vs. adult” kind of way, but in the “we’re on separate continents” kind of way. Teaching the class from Frankfurt, Tutughamiarso’s students were in Indonesia.


Goethe University’s Mediasite team helped her use Mediasite to bridge the gap.

“They showed me the capabilities of Mediasite,” Tutughamiarso said. “I was amazed by the idea of creating an interactive online learning session with this system. There was no additional work for me. I just had to stand in the lecture hall as normal and hold my lecture as if it was for a local class.”


Bandwidth limitations in Indonesia meant the Mediasite team created a publish-to-go package to deliver the course.

“I tried to include the students in the learning process instead of just delivering the information,” Tutughamiarso said. “I wanted them to think about the presentation instead of just listen to it. The presentation contained several points where I asked students to stop playback and try to solve a task,” she said. “Mediasite recorded the notations I made on a touch screen to emphasize the points I made in my presentation, and to show the answers for the tasks I had given the students.”

“Since we introduced our Mediasite service, we’ve been able to reduce manpower in production and post-production, deliver professional results faster and instantly have more confident customers, teachers and students,” said Ullrich Grimm, multi-media specialist from the Mediasite team at Goethe University. “Mediasite gives us an edge by allowing us to flexibly deliver our educational content to a wide academic network.”

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