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New York Law School

We chose the Mediasite hosting model because it scales quickly.
Michael DeMeo, Director of Academic Media Services


Planning and building a new, state-of-the-art academic building is no small task. After diligently researching video-capture solutions, New York Law School chose to fully integrate Mediasite. The school had previously used one Mediasite recorder for special events and lectures. However, with the new expansion in Manhattan, it was clear they needed more capabilities.

“I became aware of the power and potential of Sonic Foundry and Mediasite several years ago, during our research and review process for the new building. After looking at several vendors, it was Sonic Foundry’s backend that impressed us. It was not just that you could record all audio, video, and presentation content, but also the indexing and archiving process which, stood out,” said John Southard, CTO of New York Law School. “From day one Mediasite has simply worked.”


New York Law School opened its expansion with 16 Mediasite recorders to capture lectures and other events in advanced, rich-media classrooms. School officials initially planned to support thousands of hours of captured presentations on an internal server, but discovered Sonic Foundry’s managed hosting service was better.

“We chose the Mediasite hosting model because it scales quickly,” said Michael DeMeo, director of academic media services at New York Law School. “Since the students and faculty viewing this content were, for the most part, off-campus, we saw no reason to move our content hosting in-house and burden our network infrastructure.”


Since the expansion, Mediasite use has skyrocketed.  And, instead of using resources to develop an internal media server infrastructure, choosing Mediasite to host means New York Law School can focus on other important initiatives.

“In the academic world, you have to work efficiently to handle the requirements of different centers on campus,” DeMeo said. “It takes time, budget, hardware and planning to build an infrastructure. Mediasite has already done that work, and there are case studies proving that it’s working efficiently. It’s out of sight, out of mind. For live events in particular, it provides a piece of mind to know our Mediasite server is out there and running.”

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