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5 Ways to Boost Student Engagement

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Not that long ago, the phrase “video in education” tended to evoke images of an instructor wheeling in a TV cart, hitting play on the VCR, and standing by while students passively watched an episode of Nova, a Ken Burns documentary, or a film version of Romeo and Juliet.

But thanks to amazing technological advancements, the use of video in education has become engaging and fully interactive. Instructors and students can now actively collaborate via live streaming video regardless of their geographic location. Instructors can flag important scenes, link to external sources, or respond to student questions in real time—all without the need to disrupt class or click away from the video.

Mediasite makes all of this—and much more—possible.

Today’s video can be an interactive learning tool that improves student retention, facilitates powerful faculty-student interaction, and empowers students to collaborate in ways that take learning in exciting new directions.

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