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5 Ways to Boost Student Engagement with Mediasite

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Not that long ago, “video in education” basically meant wheeling in a TV cart, hitting play on the VCR, and having students passively watch, say, an episode of Nova, a Ken Burns documentary, or maybe a film version of Romeo and Juliet.

Today, thanks to the amazing technological advancements, we can incorporate a lot more video in the learning. What if, while showing that same video, professors could flag an important scene, or link to an article that provides a deeper layer of information? What if students could ask a question in real-time, without disrupting class or clicking away from the video? Mediasite makes this all possible — and a lot more.

We believe video is an interactive learning tool. It has the power to improve student retention, create powerful faculty-student interaction, and empower students to collaborate in ways that take learning in exciting new directions.

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