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    All Your Back to School Video Needs – Without the Heavy Backpack

    August 19, 2019

    As the leaves start to change color and the weather cools down, we all know it is getting closer to back to school time. When it’s time to start shifting gears to the fall semester, it’s important to analyze the classroom technology at your fingertips to ensure you’re setting up your students for the most success. Read on to learn how to start the year with confidence with our favorite resources about video in education. Enjoy!

    Exploring Faculty Attitudes on Tech

    Inside Higher Ed conducts a survey every year to explore attitudes on technology in the classroom. In this webinar, editor Doug Lederman discusses the results of the survey and how technology has affected faculty and campus leaders. Be sure to download the corresponding report, too!

    How to Create a Video Accessibility Strategy

    Everybody learns in different ways. So when it comes to video learning, how do you make the content accessible for everyone? Learn all the latest accessibility trends and how Mediasite addresses them in this webinar.

    How to Support Active and Micro Learning in Any Classroom

    As an instructor, it’s important to track student progress and comprehension in any course. Mediasite has interactivity features built in that allow students and instructors to track knowledge of course material. Learn about the micro learning platform that’s changing the student experience.

    Demystifying Active Learning: One Professor’s Journey

    This webinar features a University of Minnesota instructor who experimented with active learning – a student-centered, tech-rich way of teaching – and saw impressive results. She’ll tell you how it increased self-efficacy and collaboration and how to get started in your classrooms.

    5 Ways to Boost Student Engagement with Mediasite

    Video is an interactive learning tool with the power to improve student retention, create powerful faculty-student interaction and empower students to collaborate in ways that take learning in exciting new directions. In this e-book, learn how to engage students like never before using the latest innovations in video. Don’t miss the corresponding blog post with impressive case studies.

    5 Ways to Drive Video Adoption with Faculty Training

    Video learning is becoming increasingly relevant in higher education. However, to be most successful, faculty must know how to teach with the latest technologies. In this blog post, hear from Cuyahoga Community College’s (Tri-C) Michelle Reed and Mediasite trainer Michael Stefonik as they share tips on how to create a video culture that is not only efficient, but effective.

    How to Create Professional Looking Videos Without the Studio

    In order to create a high-quality video, you don’t need fancy lighting or a professional video camera. All you need is My Mediasite personal capture software and a few best practices. Learn all the best practices for creating professional video in this blog post.

    Higher Education Survey: AI and Academic Video

    We partnered with University Business to ask higher ed leaders and faculty about how they are using artificial intelligence today and about the impact on their lecture capture and academic video. Download the report to read the survey and get a glimpse of what AI could bring to your campus.

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