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How to Support Active and Micro Learning in Any Classroom
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How to Support Active and Micro Learning in Any Classroom.

Gen Z students expect their courses to be steeped in tech, so it’s critical that instructors make their content as engaging and collaborative as possible. That’s easy with the right video tools.  

Mediasite not only has interactivity features built in, but – most importantly — it integrates with the right technologies to create a truly immersive, personalized learning experience. Join Tom Irons of Mediasite as he tells you what you need in a video platform to support active and micro learning in any classroom. You’ll learn how instructors can: 

  • Measure progress and give real-time feedback to students with in-video quizzes and polls 
  • View and grade video assignments in a secure playlist directly in their LMS 
  • Help students to actively learn with annotations and comments 
  • Transform the learning experience for a video-literate – and video-hungry – generation of students  

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