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    5 Ways Mediasite Increases Classroom Engagement

    January 18, 2019

    No two students think alike. This seems straight forward, but think of it this way: Why would an instructor teach one way for everyone when students learn differently? Wouldn’t it be great if instructors could personalize learning without drastically changing the way they teach? Incorporating video into the classroom makes that a reality.

    Colleges and universities around the world are turning to video because it’s the most effective way to reach students. Students expect to use some form of video communication to aid their learning. They’re already glued to their screens most of the day — might as well put their assignments where they will see them the most!

    Mediasite offers the most engaging ways for faculty and students to interact anytime, anywhere. Through its many interactivity tools such as quizzing, polling, annotations, live chat, Q&A, etc., students feel more connected to their classes than ever. Plus, all the valuable data that comes along with the videos means instructors have deeper insights than ever into the way students learn. Read on for a round-up of some of the most innovative stories of Mediasite helping faculty engage with their students.

    1. Open Wide for the Camera
      Classes at the University of Maryland-Baltimore Dental School require detailed observation of difficult techniques. With Mediasite, every student gets a front row seat through close-up cameras recording the professor’s demonstrations. A faculty member can demo a technique that is streamed to dental students in 150 rooms! Students love being able to speed up or slow down information when they review lectures so they can learn at their own pace.

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    2. How Video Helps Hands-On Work
      Professor Patricia Gondek in the American Sign Language program at Mount Mary University in Milwaukee, Wis. says that with Mediasite, students are learning sign language much more effectively. Students record themselves signing using My Mediasite personal capture software, and she watches the videos and gives feedback on her own time, leaving more class time for meaningful discussions. Faculty say it’s easier to grade students, and students say it’s a more effective way to learn ASL. A win-win!

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    3. Helping Students Live in the Lecture Moment
      Faculty at Florida International University say Mediasite improves academic performance. Students love that they don’t have to worry about taking in-depth notes during class and can rather focus on the lecture material in the moment. Mediasite works as the perfect supplementary tool at FIU to make sure students are fully understanding what is happening in their classes at their own pace. Faculty love the interaction they get with students through chat, polling and quizzing features.

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    4. A Million Hits in Germany
      At Goethe University in Germany, students can watch streamed lectures live or on-demand. Professors also upload oldies but goodies – relevant lectures from years past, videos of famous guest speakers, etc. – to supplement their teaching. Faculty and students can comment on videos and build playlists with Mediasite that they can share with colleagues, classmates and, in some cases, the public. So far, they created 15,000+ videos that have been viewed 1 million times.

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    5. Less is More at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C)
      At Tri-C in Cleveland, Ohio, My Mediasite personal capture software turns phones and tablets into anytime, anywhere studios. Faculty are creating short video lectures, and students can record video homework assignments. Mediasite allows students, regardless of location, to still engage with instructors through quizzes, comments and ask-a-question.

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    These universities demonstrated unique ways of using Mediasite to the best of their ability, and this is just a small glimpse how video engages students. Check out this e-book 5 Ways to Boost Student Engagement with Mediasite to learn more about Mediasite engagement tools.

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