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    Top 19 of 2019: Team Mediasite’s Annual Countdown of Its Favorite Moments of the Year

    December 31, 2019
    At the end of each year we like to reflect on some of our favorite moments from the past 12 months (you can see our lists from 2016, 2017 and 2018)! Here are some of the top 19 highlights from 2019… it’s hard to narrow it down! Keep checking back in the coming days and weeks as we count down to our favorite moment.


    1. MSX19 Hit the Road

    After 10+ years of hosting our annual user conference in Madison, Wis. we decided it was time for a change of scenery. For the first time, Mediasite Experience (MSX) took place in Austin, Texas (and online via Mediasite). It was the best little user conference in Texas! Relive MSX19 with this video and blog posts below. Oh and did you hear, our next stop is Nashville, Tenn. in April 2021!

    Watch the recap:

    Read the blog

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    2. We learned how to create a culture of excellence from Darren Woodson 

    It’s only fitting to have a Texas legend at our legendary Texas user conference, Mediasite Experience 2019, right? Three-time Superbowl champion and all pro safety Darren Woodson joined us as a keynote speaker. He gave an inspiring talk on leadership and how to cultivate a culture of excellence.  

    Watch Darren’s thought-provoking (and uber popular) talk

    3. Our new Mediasite Community and MediasiteU Training sites 

    We’ve reimagined our online community to make them even more valuable to your Mediasite deployment. In the new community you can share ideas, ask questions and learn from peers. We also offered more than 15 beginner and intermediate boot camps this year. That’s 75 hours of handson learning from a Mediasite pro! We also released our new training site, MediasiteUwhere  you can access free and open online courses to enhance your Mediasite knowledge at your own pace.

    Visit the Community and Mediasite U

    4. How we are supporting active and micro learning iany classroom 

    Gen Z students expect their courses to be steeped in tech, so it’s critical that instructors make their content as engaging and collaborative as possible. That’s easy with the right video tools.  We announced builtin interactivity in Mediasite. Watch this webinar to learn how it integrates with the right technologies to create a truly immersive, personalized learning experience

    Watch the webinar

    5. We added more accessibility tools in Mediasite  

    In the classroom, academic video is considered a necessity by students. They simply expect to have video lectures and assignments. So, making all that video content accessible and comprehendible to all learners of all abilities is more important than ever. We released many new tools and features this year to help make Mediasite even more accessible for our users. A new caption editor and integration with speech-to-text technology creates more searchable, accessible videos and will help make your Mediasite-life easier. 

    Read our blog post

    6. Mediasite Monitor- Now you can keep track of all your recorders even easier!  

    If you’ve been paying attention to Mediasite over the past year you probably hear of Mediasite Monitor, our remote recorder management tool that allows you to preview and keep tabs on one to hundreds of Mediasite Recorders simultaneously. Well, we announced some exciting enhancements that will make Mediasite Recorder monitoring and management even easier 

    Read our blog post  and take our Mediasite Monitor course  

    7. Can online classes improve teaching? – Our survey about faculty attitudes on tech

    We released a national survey with Inside Higher Ed revealing faculty attitudes on technology aimed to understand how professors and campus digital learning leaders view online learning and other aspects of classroom technology. The survey results showed that more than three-quarters of faculty members who have taught online courses say the experience has taught them skills and practices that have improved their teaching. 

    Download a copy of the report to learn more

    8. Exciting new Mediasite capture solutions

    We released exciting new features and enhancements to our suite of capture devices. You can now stream live to social, monitor videos remotely and preview your videos more effectively. To see these features in action, check out the Mediasite U Course. 

    Read our blog post

    9. Our partnership with Second Harvest Foodbank

    We kicked off our volunteer initiativeDid you know that Second Harvest Foodbank distributes millions of pounds of food each year through its network of partner agencies and programs? We learned this after spending a fantastic day with its team recently to officially kick off our formal Mediasite volunteer program. 

    And this is just the beginning for our team. We are looking forward to working with Second Harvest and many other local agencies to create ongoing volunteer and education opportunities for our staff. 

    Read our blog

    10. Our survey debunking the biggest myths about video training

    We released a survey with Industry Dive tackling the biggest myths about video training that create barriers to adoption. It reveals the top benefits of using video as a training tool and provides tips on how to use it effectively. The survey states that video offers a cost-effective solution to the most pressing issues facing today’s training executives. In fact, the savings from storing the videos on a single platform helped Dell recover its investment in the technology in just 30 days.  

    Download a copy of the report to learn more  

    11. Our new Zoom Marketplace app

    Our new Mediasite for Zoom app extends the boundaries of your rooms by letting you automatically turn your single-stream Zoom recordings from meetings and classes into rich, searchable and easily shareable on-demand videos – all in one central and secure place. 

    Read our blog  

    12. Our enhancements to Mediasite Join

    Mediasite Join creates a central and secure place to manage all video from collaborative sessions, seamlessly integrating with your conference services and bridges. This year, we announced exciting enhancements to Join: 

    • Automated, schedulable live-streaming:Simply add Mediasite Join as a participant to your conferences, and Join automatically streams the call to as many viewers as needed. 
    • SIP support:Support for SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), a major video conferencing standard, is now available, in addition to H.323 and H.239. 
    • Integration with Skype for Business:In addition to all other leading conferencing technologies, Join now integrates with Skype for Business. 
    • Flexible and scalable deployment options for technology-light environments:Join can serve as a stand-alone conference capture solution for simple use cases where the full Mediasite Video Platform capabilities arent needed. Capture calls, save recordings locally, stream live to other platforms using RTMP, perform basic edits, publish anytime and anywhere, composite and export MP4 or MP3 files. 

    Read our blog and Watch the webinar 

    13. Our recent webinar – 5 Reasons Why Lecture Capture Never Goes Out of Style

    Digital analytics show what course content students did (and didn’t) watch down to the second, not to mention the fact that they are watching from anywhere—a lecture hall, dorm room, coffee shop, you name it. It’s easy to conclude that the traditional lecture is dead. It’s NOT dead – just reconfigured and even more valuable to students. In this webinar, Mediasite’s Bill Cherne explores the evolution of lecture capture and why, in a world full of trends, it never goes out of style. You’ll learn about the multi-faceted possibilities of video in the classroom. 

    Watch the webinar   

    14. An inspiring reflection of 15 years with Mediasite

    In this Q&A, Rey Notareschi, one of the longest users of Mediasite (15 years!) reflects on his career as director of classroom technology at Northeast Ohio Medical University’s (NEOMED). He discusses the innovative new use of Mediasite in the university’s state-of-the-art gross anatomy labs.  

    Picture it: there are 35 tables where students are dissecting cadavers for the first time. At each table, there is a camera running back to a switcher that feeds to Mediasite. This allows professors to record activity happening at the tables.  

    “Video changes the game,” Rey said. “Mediasite allows us to stream up to four HD video feeds simultaneously, so we can show students, for example, every aspect of a procedure that an instructor is demonstrating regardless of where they are in the lab.” 

    Read the article 

    15. A message (and tennis ball) from Billie Jean King

    We attended PCMA Convening Leaders 2019 in Pittsburgh, Penn. in January where we heard many inspiring ways event planners can make a difference in the world of events. Billie Jean King, life-long activist and champion of the “Battle of the Sexes”, spoke to remind event planners that everyone has a voice and talents to transform the industry for the better. At the end of her speech she hit autographed tennis balls into the crowd and we brought one home! 

    Read the blog 

    16. Our awesome Mediasite Events team

    Each year our Mediasite Events team captures hundreds conferences around the world —hundreds of thousands of video hours our clients can use year-roundOur team provides services so reliably that customers come back year after year.  

    One of the events that our team worked on earlier this year was 1619: The Making of America Summit. Mediasite Events teamed up with Virginia’s 2019 Commemoration, American Evolution, and Norfolk State University to live stream their conference. The summit explored the history of America’s Native, African, and English people including immigrant stories and the contributions and influences that have shaped the creation of today’s America. 

    Read more about the event 

    17.  We made it on some pretty awesome industry lists 

    • BizBash’s list of top people in the event industry: our CEO Michael Norregaard made the list!

    Check out the full list

    • Streaming Media’s List of top companies in the online video space 

    We made the 2019 Streaming Media 50, their annual list of the most important, most innovative, and most interesting companies in the online video space. 

     Check out the full list 

    18. We enjoyed the spotlight in somfantastic industry pieces 

    • Sales and Marketing Management: 5 Steps to Creating a Scalable, Flexible Event with a Solid Video Strategy 

    Sonic Foundry’s Justin Hartman, Director of Mediasite Events, talks through the steps to creating a digital video strategy that provides you with a scalable and flexible streaming solution to help you maximize the effectiveness of your events.  

    Learn the 5 steps here

    • Authority Magazine: “It’s critical that you leverage technology to engage your team.”   

    Authority Magazine conducted an in-depth interview with Mediasite’s own Elizabeth Collins, SVP of North American Sales. They discussed everything from Elizabeth’s path to leadership at Mediasiteto her advice to other females in leadership roles.  

     Learn more about Elizabeth and her approach to leadership  

    • My Tech Decisions: How Artificial Intelligence is Creating the Netflix Model for Higher Education  

    The future of learning is student-centered and technology-rich,” said Rob Lipps, Executive Vice President of Mediasite. Schools can actually learn a lot from Netflix. That might seem like a silly statement but here’s why. The more I use Netflix, the smarter it gets about my preferences. It makes informed suggestions about what I should watch next. Now, think about that in terms of higher education– the future of learning will consider student preferences like how they want to learn, when they want to learn and on what device. 

    Read the article 

    • Convergent AV: The AV Tech Trade Episode 25: A Discussion with Michael Norregaard, CEO at Mediasite. 

    Convergent AV sat down with Michael Norregaard to discuss his new role as CEO of Mediasite. They discussed the company’s initiatives and what’s ahead for the company, including exciting enhancements to our video conference capture software, Mediasite Join 

    “The unified communications space is a multi-billion-dollar market and growing at an impressive rate,” Norregaard said. “Companies and higher education institutions are missing an essential piece of the puzzle if they’re not jumping in head first to create the most accessible and useful video content possible for their students and employees – and Mediasite Join makes that possible.” 

    Read the article 

    19. One of our most consistent favorites every year  ̶  Our awesome customers

    2019 was a year of milestones. Here are a few examples that only begin to illustrate how awesome our customers are! 

    • Northrop Grumman reached 15 years with Mediasite… and 750,000 views! 

    • Carroll University Nursing Records Simulations with Mediasite  

    Carroll University in Waukesha, Wis. has used Mediasite for video capture and management since 2014, but this year their nursing school expanded its video learning program into a new state-of-the-art teaching and simulation lab facility. The 38,200-square-foot Doug and Nancy Hastad Hall opened last year on the university’s campus and includes five simulation rooms with medical manikins. Students work in teams, practicing their communication skills while caring for the robotic patients. The rooms have adjoining control and observatory areas for their instructors and peers, a central lecture space, debriefing pods and a large exam room with 20 beds. All activity in this learning space is live streamed simultaneously and securely with Mediasite to other students and made available on-demand for self-evaluation and critique with their instructor. 

    Read our press release

    • Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School hit 600,000 views! 

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