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Top 18 of 2018: Team Mediasite Counts Down Its Favorite Content of the Year

January 02, 2019

Each year we take the time to look back at some of our favorite moments from the past 12 months… and there are a lot of them (you can see our lists from 2016 and 2017)! Here are the highlights from 2018. Keep checking back in the coming days and weeks as we count down to our favorite moment.



1. We Have a New Website!

This summer we took on the massive project of re-vamping our website. We created a user-friendly space that takes each user on their own personalized Mediasite journey. We are extremely proud of the results, and we think you’ll like it! Click through the new site to discover why Mediasite is everything you need to transform your classroom or training room, and get in touch with a Mediasite expert to get started!

Check out the new site

2. Our recent “Women in AV” webinar with Christa Bender 

We recently kicked off a “Women in AV” webinar series where we will be profiling some superstar women who work in technology careers. This first webinar features Christa Bender, who has 15 years of AV Industry experiences. We are looking forward to continuing this series and profiling more in 2019! 

3. Our Brand-New User Conference, Mediasite Experience  

After more than a decade of our Unleash Mediasite User Conference, we thought it was time for a new experience. A Mediasite Experience. We reinvented our annual Mediasite User Conference that took place in Madison, Wis. (and online via Mediasite), and the first annual Mediasite Experience (MSX) took place in October – and it was awesome! Relive the conference with this video and the blog posts below. Oh and did you hear, we’re moving to Austin, Texas in 2019! Register now for the lowest price by Dec. 31.  

4. The many awards we won this year 

It’s been a crazy busy year in the world of Mediasite. We’re honored to wrap up 2018 with recognition from several notable industry analysts and publications for webcasting, video content management and lecture capture. 

Check out the awards we’re most proud of this year 

 5. Can the Netflix model be helpful in the classroom?  ̶  A Survey about Artificial Intelligence 

We released a national survey with University Business revealing the massive potential for artificial intelligence in higher education.  The idea is to offer Generation Z the Netflix model for learning by using AI to suggest relevant videos and build personalized playlists. The survey results showed that 67 percent said using AI to suggest relevant videos and build playlists would be most helpful, followed by 58 percent who want to organize video by keyword; 56 percent want to automate speech-to-text transcription in the video.  

Read our blog post to learn more about the survey results 

 6. Toolkits for 2019 

We developed Toolkits to guide your video deployments in the enterprise, healthcare, education and world of events in 2019.  Keep an eye on our Resource Center. You’ll find webinars, case studies and blog posts to help inspire and organize your video initiatives to increase engagement and achievement. 

Visit Our Resource Center

7. The newest member of our Mediasite Events family: Mediasite Connect  

This year we released Mediasite Connect. It’s everything you need to boost your event. Start with our high standards for event streaming and then keep going. Imagine an online event portal that manages your ecommerce and registration, gives viewers a YouTube-like experience of searchable videos, and provides a range of security and analytics options. (Oh and it won an award!) 

 8. Our annual holiday party. 

Last week we had our employee holiday party which consisted of a lot of festive singing, ugly sweaters, great food and a ton of fun! 

Check out our holiday video  

9. One of our most consistent favorites every year  ̶  Our awesome customers.

2018 was a year of milestones. Here are a few examples that only begin to illustrate how inspiring our customers are!  

  • James Cook University hit a huge milestone… 1 million views!  
  • Goethe University in Frankfurt, Germany has trusted Mediasite to capture what’s happening in its classroom and on campus since 2011. To date, the university has more than 15,000 Mediasite videos on its server—10,000 hours of content— that have received 1 million views!  

Read our blog post 

  • Vanderbilt University School of Nursing in Nashville, Tenn. used a home-grown lecture capture system for several years but wanted one solution that would handle the capture, creation and management of all campus videos. So they switched to Mediasite. During a recent semester, the university’s tech team recorded more than 22,000 hours of classroom video that received 32,100+ views from students using Mediasite. 

Read our blog post  

  • Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) began live streaming its annual Convening Leaders conference in 2010. Since then, the organization for meeting planners have generated $1M in revenue using the video content for onsite registrations, memberships, continuing education courses and more. The face-to-face attendance for these events continued to grow year over year, proving that adding virtual components won’t cannibalize your event. Nearly 1,800 new members have joined PCMA thanks to online conferences.   

Watch our webinar and read our blog post  

  • Florida Atlantic University began using Mediasite in May, 2017 for lecture capture. Mediasite is integrated across campus to capture lectures in 98 courses for students to review on-demand. As a result, the university has seen explosive growth of video usage. To date, faculty have created about 12,900 videos that have already been viewed 314,500 times.  

Read our press release 

10. EDUCAUSE 2018: Artificial Intelligence is here to help. 

We attended EDUCAUSE 2018 in Denver, Colo. in October where we heard many interesting takes on the future of the industry. Higher education professionals discussed today’s toughest technology issues facing campuses globally, and this idea emerged throughout the conference: Technologies like augmented and virtual reality and artificial intelligence (AI) are here to stay, but you don’t have to be scared of them. Our Director of Communications spent the day learning how AI is enhancing the role of a professor, rather than taking away from it.  

Read our blog post about AI in the classroom  

11. Want to make your own cooking show? Mediasite + Mount Mary’s Food Science Program = Super Cool 

Picture eight kitchen stations with TVs and iPads, a demonstration area for an instructor or guest cook, and Mediasite so students see every angle of the class. Mount Mary University in Milwaukee, Wis. created a new state-of-the-art million-dollar lab that turns every class into a cooking show.

Read our blog post to find out how they made this happen

12. Exciting new product features that create the most collaborative learning experiences 

We released many new product capabilities throughout the year like new video capture tools for collaborative environments, real-time live streaming to social channels, annotations, commenting, polling, ask-a-question, live chat, social-sharing, and quizzing. 

Learn what’s new in Mediasite 

13. Going live to Facebook  

We jumped head-first into the world of social video this year. New social streaming capabilities via Real-Time Messaging Protocol allows Mediasite to directly stream to social channels like Facebook and YouTube while simultaneously streaming to Mediasite. Organizations and schools are increasing the reach of their conferences and events by streaming keynotes and sessions to the public. Plus, we began streaming some of our monthly best practices webinars with Facebook Live.  

14. We’ve had lots of great news coverage!

It’s always exciting to be featured in the best industry publications. This year Sonic Foundry leaders contributed to several thoughtful guest columns where they shared their predictions, thoughts and ideas about the future of the industry.

15. A decade-long partnership with Saville AV 

Celebrating a decade of online events with UK-based technical production and digital event specialist Saville AV, we sat down to discuss how the world of event streaming has changed over the past 10 years. Saville AV uses Mediasite as its streaming solution for clients wanting to create online, live events. And that was a pretty rare thing back then. It was fun to look back through the years.

Read our blog post

16. An Insightful Look into Campus IT Trends

In this Q&A, Casey Green, a renowned authority on information technology in higher ed, discusses select findings and implications from his 2018 Campus Computing Project, the largest ongoing study of IT’s role in American education.

Read the article

17. Eduventures 2018: A New Era of Learning for Gen Z

This summer we attended a great education conference in Boston, Ma. called Eduventures Summit 2018 where we heard inspiring talks about industry trends. Educational researchers and leaders described “learning-by-doing” as the model for how schools need to be preparing today’s “digital natives” for work, citizenship and life in a rapidly changing world.

Read our blog post

18. We were on TV! Mediasite + Cameras In the Operating Room 

Fox6 in Milwaukee, Wis. visited us for this story regarding video cameras in operating rooms. They came to our Madison, Wis. office to interview Executive Vice President Rob Lipps about how Mediasite is used within the healthcare system and to get his take on bringing video into the operating room. It was very exciting to have the news crew visit the office and allow us the opportunity to bring awareness to Mediasite and our role in healthcare.

Read the article

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