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Embrace the Cloud
with Confidence.

85% of organizations
will be cloud-first by 2025.*

We understand — moving your organization’s video content to the cloud feels a little overwhelming. If your on-premises solution is working, why make the change?

We have a few reasons. Migrating to Mediasite Cloud offers:

  • Cost control and predictability. While it’s true cloud adoption requires an up-front investment, it’s a cost-effective solution over time. Expensive equipment upgrades? A thing of the past. Additional charges for increased viewership? No way. 
  • Less burden on your team. If your IT team is already stretched thin, shifting to Mediasite Cloud means less wrestling with updates and server maintenance, freeing up time and attention to focus on other projects and initiatives. 
  • A better user experience. With a series of servers spread across the globe, Mediasite gets the content close to your users, providing high-quality streaming and playback wherever they are. 
  • Hand-in-hand support. We’ve helped organizations of all types and sizes—with varying privacy and security standards and a wide range of global locations—move seamlessly to a cloud-based platform. That means we’ve seen every scenario, and we can determine the best approach for you. 

And, a move to Mediasite Cloud will give you the same high level of security and the same features you already have with your on-premises solution—a parity that’s unmatched with other video platforms. Better, in fact. We’re continuously rolling out new and innovative features, sometimes Cloud-first and sometimes Cloud-exclusive, that will make your cloud adoption even more valuable. 

“Moving to Mediasite Cloud was the best decision we made…everything is quicker, the performance is better, videos load faster, and our data is secure. Ultimately, that all equates to a better learning experience for our students.” ~ Luke Haywood, Application Support Analyst, University of Leeds

40,000 staff and students. 300 rooms recording classes. Over 200 terabytes of content to move. See how we supported University of Leeds’ successful cloud migration.

Your Cloud Questions, Answered. 

  • Will I lose any Mediasite features when I move to the cloud?
  • Is my content still secure?
  • What’s involved in the move? 

We know there’s plenty to think about when it comes to cloud migration. Download our Cloud eBook Considerations for Moving to the Cloud where Bill Cherne, Mediasite’s VP of Customer Success and Support, breaks down the top questions he hears from organizations as they’re planning to make the move.

To learn more, check out the latest Mediasite webinar Embracing the Cloud with Confidence, which features Mediasite VP of Customer Success Bill Cherne discussing the benefits of a cloud-based strategy, how to plan for a migration project, and what you should know before you make the move.

Let’s make 2023 the Year of the Cloud for your organization. 

Reach out to Mediasite’s Cloud experts today to talk about your organization’s specific needs, your future goals, and any questions you have about making the switch.

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