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    Where in the World is the Mediasite Events Team? 2019 – A Year in Review

    February 03, 2020

    Are you looking for travel recommendations? After reaching nearly 1 million flyer-miles (in just one year!), our Mediasite Events team can help!

    Each year the team captures hundreds of conferences around the world: hundreds of thousands of video hours for organizations like yours to use year-round. On their travels, the Mediasite Events crew loves learning more about their clients and their events, how Mediasite can support their needs, and of course, a little bit about the local culture.

    As you know, we’re living in a video-centric world. All of your meetings, collaborations and events are available online to those who couldn’t make it in person, and your teams and attendees expect it that way. So, as we forge full speed ahead in this new year, make sure you’ve got a solid event video strategy in place.

    But first, take a walk down memory lane with us to revisit some of the 219 events (441 flights, 160 cities, 36 countries!) Mediasite Events captured in 2019.  Here are some of the highlights:

    1. Dec. 18, 2019- Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Mediasite Events headed to Dubai for a conference for a global community of professional designers and engineers to gain industry expertise. We’ve now captured content for this conference in the US, Germany, London, Singapore, and Dubai. We’re working on more this year!

    1. Oct. 28, 2019: Mediasite Experience 2019 (MSX19)

    Mediasite Events headed to Austin, Texas for Mediasite Experience 2019 (MSX19). Our flagship user conference for the close-knit Mediasite community was a revamped, ultra-exclusive summit-style two-day event. Hundreds of customers in healthcare, higher education and the enterprise from all around the world collaborated in person and online to learn how to increase the impact and adoption of video in their organizations.

    Want to see what it’s all about? MSX21 is headed to Nashville! Pre-register to get the lowest price available.

    1. Oct. 25, 2019, Chicago, Ill.

    Among the many events our team captured the week of Oct. 25, like a conference for anesthesiology professionals with 20+ rooms, was one that took us to the Windy City.

    This was an annual conference for legal and tech professional to talk shop and network and was our first event with one of our event partners, Smart Source Rentals.

    Mediasite Events did a fantastic job showing Smart Source Rentals that doing live webcasts, multi room capture and overflow room streams isn’t scary at all. Plus, the team used Mediasite Monitor, a remote recorder management solution that allows you to track one to hundreds of streams in real-time. With Monitor, you can preview the video, content and audio while a recording is occurring to ensure that everything is going off without a hitch. That’s just one more tool to help ease your worries as the event organizer!

    1. Oct. 18, 2019: Mediasite Events headed to Orlando, Fla.

    Mediasite Events streamed a user conference live and on-demand, as well as to overflow rooms, for a client that creates financial and human capital management software.

    The client took advantage of the new Mediasite Monitor software which allowed them to easily capture and manage dozens of recordings in multiple rooms across their 10 tracks at the conference. What a great asset for their multi-room workflow!

    1. Sept. 18, 2019: Arlington, Va. 

    The team set out for Arlington, Va. to a conference where administrators, staff and stakeholders attended to learn strategies for improving employment and self-sufficiency outcomes for customers and families.

    Mediasite Events provided a custom solution for the conference, including an embedded player which allowed conference organizers the ability to embed Mediasite on their event page for a seamless integration. Plus, the Mediasite Events team provided live closed captioning!

    The need for accessibility is rapidly moving to the top of the priority list for many organizations. Including live closed captioning in session recordings is making the videos even more accessible to all viewers and gives the audience an opportunity to learn more effectively.

    1. A jam packed fall season

    As the events season ramps up in the fall, it’s go time!

    The Mediasite Events team was out and about, working hard to provide live webcast, overflow and capture solutions for our clients and event partners.

    We traveled to where the people and events were, which took us to some exciting locations. Here are some of the highlights:

    • Sept. 11-12, 2019: Burlingame, Calif.
    • Sept. 13, 2019: Milwaukee, Wis.
    • Sept. 17-18, 2019: Austin, Texas
    • Sept. 21-25, 2019:  Vancouver, Canada
    • Sept. 24-28, 2019: Chicago, Ill.
    • Nov. 14-17, 2019: Las Vegas, Nev.
    • The team also captured events like an IT symposium in Cape Town, South Africa; IT infrastructure, operations and cloud strategies conferences in London, UK; and a marketing summit in Las Vegas, Nev.
    1. May 21, 2019: Atlanta, Ga.

    Mediasite Events streamed Citrix Synergy keynote in Atlanta, Ga. The team provided live streaming, content capture and website development to help showcase the recorded content.

    Watch the keynote on demand.  [Learn more in this blog post: Driving a 5,500 Person Event to 100,000 with Video]

    1. June 5, 2019: San Francisco, Calif.

    Technology experts and partners, customers, and industry peers gathered in San Francisco, Calif. to learn about trends in data and analytics. The Mediasite Events team used its Mediasite Connect software for registration and custom playlists and players to create an online experience at the event.

    1. We traveled with a traveling conference

    Mediasite Events worked with one of the longest-standing independent software developer conferences with events held throughout the year in different cities. It brings people together for intense developer education. In 2019, Mediasite Events recorded 360 hours of content in six cities and the team is scheduled to do the same again in 2020!

    As 2020 ramps up and you begin planning your upcoming events for the year, consider adding live streaming, capture and overflow support with Mediasite Events. For the team, 441 flights, 160 cities, 36 countries and 219 event hours is just the beginning. We look forward to even more events (and flyer-miles) in 2020!


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