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Are you Watching Mediasite Monitor?

October 21, 2019

If you’ve been paying attention to Mediasite over the past year you probably heard of Mediasite Monitor. Whether you’ve used it or not (you definitely need to!), you should be aware of some exciting enhancements that will make Mediasite Recorder monitoring and management even easier.

Mediasite Monitor is a remote recorder management tool that allows you to preview and keep tabs on one to hundreds of Mediasite Recorders simultaneously. You can preview the video, content and audio while a recording is occurring to ensure that everything is going off without a hitch.

Originally designed with our Mediasite Events team in mind to track multiple recorders in multiple rooms at conferences, Mediasite Monitor is an ideal app in any environment.

What’s New in Mediasite Monitor?


If you have been using Mediasite Monitor, you will be excited to hear that your highly requested features were added to the latest release. As it moves in the direction of becoming the new recorder interface, you can now create a presentation directly in Monitor so you won’t need to go back and forth between the management portal and Monitor. We all know that camera and content inputs change, and within Monitor you can add and redirect those new inputs on your recorder.

Regardless of how content is being captured Mediasite Monitor helps to have a single tool in place.

Set Up Mediasite Monitor in Just a Few Clicks


Most actions in Mediasite Monitor only require a couple of clicks. All you need to connect Mediasite Monitor to your server is your server URL and admin login credentials. Once connected to the sever, all the recorders are automatically added.

Preview Recorders in Real-Time


You don’t need to see the video preview of a recorder to know its current status with Mediasite Monitor. You can quickly see what state it is in with the dynamic color index. ‘Blue’ is an idle recorder, ‘grey’ is unavailable and ‘red’ is recording. Within the preview area, you can monitor the output of up to 16 recorders simultaneously in real-time. Selecting any of the recorders will also show the audio preview. That means you can triage a situation with a bad microphone, for example, immediately, rather than finding out after the recording is done.

Manage Recorder Groups


You can create recorder groups in Mediasite Monitor for better organization and group management. The use of groups allows you to see just the recorders in a certain building or department. The latest Mediasite release makes it easier to manage the groups in Monitor, including the ability to start and stop recording of an entire group. This means that if you have 15 classes that all start at 1 p.m., every recorder can be started directly from Monitor with a couple clicks.


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