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Your How-To, Go-To Guide for All Things Mediasite

January 31, 2020

Have you heard of MediasiteU? It helps you get the most out of your Mediasite deployment, but are you utilizing every possible opportunity?

Don’t miss out on the tons of free and open online courses about Mediasite that are easily accessible to the public.

Read on for a list of courses from 2019 that ensure you’re using Mediasite to its absolute fullest and be sure to watch for new ones coming your way soon (like one about how to create video-based assignments in your Brightspace LMS and another on publishing Mediasite quiz results to a grade book in Blackboard and Brightspace LMSs)!

For Instructors and Learners: All You Need to Know About Personal Capture, Engagement and More


How to Sign-In to My Mediasite

My Mediasite is a powerful tool for instructors to create personal content. It can supplement their teaching and allow learners to explore concepts at their own pace. It also integrates seamlessly with learning management systems.

In this course, learn the best practices for getting started with My Mediasite.

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Uploading Your First Video Presentation

My Mediasite is a powerful tool for instructors. It can supplement your teaching and allow learners to explore concepts at their own pace. It integrates seamlessly with many learning management systems.

In this course, learn best practices for leveraging the power of My Mediasite and how to upload your first video.

Topics include logging in the portal, creating and uploading videos, and sharing them with your peers or students.

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Editing Your Video Presentation

In this course, you will learn how to modify and edit your Mediasite videos. This includes basic things such as updating the title, description and presenter as well as more advanced topics such as cutting out unwanted portions of your video presentation as well as adjusting the graphics used within a video presentation.

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Enhancing Your Videos with Engagement

Mediasite offers multiple formats to engage with viewers. This includes quizzes, polls, Q&A as well as comments and annotations. Learn about all the interactivity features in Mediasite.

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Sharing Your Mediasite Presentations

Once you have created a video or video library, you’ll likely want to get them out to your audience. Mediasite offers multiple ways to share your content depending on the need and use. You can share an individual video or an entire collection. This course will cover the basics of each method and help you decide which option works best for you.

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Integrating Video Into Your LMS

At many colleges and universities, the learning management system is the main online hub that students, instructors and faculty use to create and manage course material. Now that video is used heavily in many classrooms for lecture capture, flipped and micro learning, Mediasite’s integration with LMSs has become a critical piece of the puzzle. Learn how to use Mediasite with your LMS in these courses:

For Mediasite Admins: All Your Behind-The-Scenes Questions Answered


Get Up and Running with Your Recorder

Before you can start capturing with your Mediasite Recorder, you’ll need to set up and configure your hardware. This not only includes the recorder, but any camera, monitor or microphone. This course walks you through the process of connecting the video, content, and audio device to Mediasite. By following along with your own appliance, you will have all devices connected correctly and be ready to hit record.

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Using Mediasite Monitor to Manage Recorders

Mediasite Monitor is here to help you manage your growing video deployments! If you’re not using it yet, this is an application you definitely want to add to your tool kit. Learn all about how to set up Mediasite Monitor and monitor one to hundreds of Mediasite Recorders in this course.

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Managing Mediasite Storage

The storage needs for a presentation depend on multiple factors including the number of streams, video quality and bitrates. A presentation with more streams and higher quality video will, in general, use more storage than a presentation with fewer streams at a lower quality. Here’s how to best manage your Mediasite storage.

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For Mediasite Admins: System Configuration


Setting Up Mediasite Join

Learn how to record your video meetings and classes that occur in huddle rooms, Zoom Rooms and other collaborative spaces with Mediasite Join. See how it integrates seamlessly with all leading conferencing systems like Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, Tandberg, Zoom, Vidyo and Skype for Business.

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Integrating Mediasite with an Enterprise Directory

Mediasite integrates with your existing systems. The goal may be to make logging in and accessing content as easy as possible for an end user. As an administrator, it is important that you are selecting the correct settings to accomplish this. This course gives you a brief overview of what the end user experience may be for different integration settings. It sets you up for success by walking you through the integration process and settings.

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But wait, there’s more! Have you checked out the Mediasite Community? We launched a brand-new site last year for customers to share ideas, ask questions, and easily help each other out. If you’re a Mediasite user, don’t miss out on this invaluable resource.


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