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Mediasite Connect is everything you need to:

Boost Your Event

Mediasite Connect: a complete online event solution.

Okay, we’re tired of the word solution, too. But we just couldn’t find a better one to sum up the comprehensive – and cost-effective – way Mediasite Connect works. Start with our high standards for event streaming and then keep going. Imagine an online event portal that manages your ecommerce and registration, gives viewers a YouTube-like experience of searchable videos, and provides a range of security and analytics options.


That’s Mediasite Connect.

Streaming with a strategy.

By definition, an event is a big deal. And it’s likely a big investment as well. But that’s what makes Mediasite Connect so cool. It hits the strategic sweet spot for maximizing your event’s ROI: off-the-shelf yet brandable, all-inclusive yet affordable. Mediasite Connect is an integrated video platform that lets you plan for – and realize – your event’s online potential.

  • Track all online viewing activity in real-time
  • Gauge interest of event moments by noting most-watched segments and drop-off points
  • Promote continual improvement of your event using insights from viewer data

With Mediasite Connect, You Can:

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Demystify remote attendees and on-demand viewers

So what exactly is happening with your online audience? It doesn’t have to be a mystery. With Mediasite Connect’s video analytics, you can better understand how your audience are – and aren’t – interacting with your content. That can prove invaluable as you make decisions for future events.

Alt=events Connect

Gather valuable details

Use the video analytics available with Mediasite Connect to drill down to the data points that matter most to you. Provide supporting ROI data for budgets and expenditures. Opt to renew your subscription (or not) based on viewer activity. You can even quantify the connections between video viewing and training effectiveness, professional development, and membership growth.

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Search, filter and sort for a customized viewer experience

With Mediasite Connect, powerful search capabilities let users create customized video portals. You also boost their ability to efficiently locate topics and particular event moments.

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Offer flexible online registration to remote attendees

Conveniently collect attendee information, payments and any promo codes advertised. Plus, send them emails directly from Mediasite Connect to communicate about the event.

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Drive engagement with live chat

Let attendees watch and engage with the content in Mediasite Connect’s video player, complete with chat boxes next to every video, live or on-demand. Viewers can ask questions, make comments and interact with one another.

Alt=events Connect

Create revenue-generating streams with ecommerce tools

Sell the captured content after the event is over. Whether it’s an individual video like a keynote, a group of videos or an entire track or conference, let the world buy it in Mediasite Connect’s online store.

Hundreds of companies, organizations and continuing education conferences of all sizes trust Mediasite Events each year for event video done right.

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