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Coffee Robot + Video in the Cloud = A Great Cup of Joe

January 15, 2019

Who knew automated, mechanized coffee mixed with artificial intelligence and the cloud could taste so good?

Briggo Coffee Haus, essentially a magical coffee robot, serves up custom java orders in places like airports and corporate spaces. The robotic barista behind the curtain memorizes orders in the cloud and autonomously prepares lattes, cappuccinos, etc. Perhaps the best part? The ‘Allens’ of the world will never be called ‘Aliens’ again, and the ‘Caitlins’ won’t be ‘Kittens’ (Thrillist: 23 Hilariously Misspelled Names on Starbucks Coffee Cups). But I digress…

The Coffee Haus is a 40 square foot building-shaped machine with a touch screen for ordering and video panels. [Forbes: The Barista of the Future is Here and Its Name is Briggo] That’s where we come in. This year, Mediasite teamed up with Briggo to create a custom digital signage video player for each Coffee Haus.

The cloud-based integration between Mediasite and Briggo uses big data and analytics to deliver the content based on each Coffee Haus’ location. A Coffee Haus in Austin’s airport, for example, promotes videos about ordering ahead of the gate, ads for Austin lifestyles and seasonal topics. A machine located in one of its many corporate settings such as Dell, streams video and imagery focused on culture, coffee-based incentive programs and loyalty offers.

All of the videos are created by Briggo and uploaded into Mediasite, which can ingest any video format regardless of where it originated. Mediasite then combs through the collection of videos and puts them into different folders the individual locations can pull from. Each Coffee Haus identifies itself to Mediasite based on location, and there you have it – Relevant entertainment while your coffee brews.

“Video content is no longer a nice-to-have, it is a critical asset for Briggo in terms of conveying our unique, completely modern retail experience,” said Mike Westgate, VP of Marketing, Briggo. “We think of our Coffee Haus as a theater showcasing both the live, robotic drink production and experiential digital content. The ability to customize and adjust our messaging and visual media in near real-time brings the idea of connected coffee to life.”

Learn more about the Mediasite-Briggo partnership in this press release.

Photos courtesy of Briggo. 

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