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Maximize ROI of Every Event… Capture It!

Maximize ROI of Every Event… Capture It!

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Planning an event is hard. That’s an understatement, right? There are so many moving parts and things to consider. In addition to the typical components – the program, menu, venue, promotion, etc. – you’ve got a whole new world of technological considerations, one of which is engaging a brand new audience online with streaming video.

The lights will go down and the doors will be locked, but what do you have left from your event? In a world where every dollar is accounted for and analytics is a key measurement of success, how can you provide the highest ROI for every event? In this webinar, Mediasite Events’ Scott Davis will walk you through how to leverage the treasure trove of captured video to generate revenue year-round. You’d be surprised at how valuable the videos can be.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Create an online conference pass
  • Build continuing education courses
  • Use video analytics to plan for your next event

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