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How to Effectively Use Video in Canvas

How to Effectively Use Video in Canvas

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Canvas is a critical part of the teaching and learning strategy on many campuses. And, because faculty and students are increasingly realizing the benefits of academic video, so is Mediasite. 

Wouldn’t it make sense if those two systems intertwined? Actually, they do – seamlessly, and if you’re not embedding all those videos directly into the place students learn best, you’re missing out on valuable interactivity tools and student data.   

In this webinar join technical training lead Michael Stefonik as he shows you how to create and manage video content within Canvas. He’ll share how to use Mediasite’s analytics to gauge effectiveness, without jumping back and forth between systems. You’ll learn how to:  

  • Easily record, upload and share videos in Canvas  
  • Search, play and interact with embedded videos  
  • Use the data to measure progress and give real-time feedback on students’ understanding  
  • Plus, hear what Mediasite features are in store for Canvas, like student video assignment submission and grading   

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