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5 Reasons Why Lecture Capture Never Goes Out of Style

5 Reasons Why Lecture Capture Never Goes Out of Style

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Sure, the educational landscape is doing somersaults in all sorts of directions every time you blink. Instructors are flipping their classes with video to promote micro learning while students enjoy more personalized learning with artificial intelligence in the cloud. Digital analytics show what course content students did (and didn’t) watch down to the second, not to mention the fact that they are watching from anywhere – a lecture hall, dorm room, coffee shop, you name it.

It’s easy to conclude that the traditional lecture is dead. It’s NOT dead – just reconfigured and even more valuable to students. In this webinar, join Mediasite’s Bill Cherne as he explores the evolution of lecture capture and why, in a world full of trends, it never goes out of style. You’ll learn about the multi-faceted possibilities of video in the classroom, including:

  • Why simply hitting record adds so much value to students
  • How to leverage video analytics to personalize and enhance a course
  • Why using video lectures for active and micro learning promotes better collaboration
  •  What interactivity tools can do for student engagement
  • How to make the content as accessible as possible

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