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Michigan Public Health Institute

Mediasite is very easy to use, so there’s not a lot to learn when we do onsite recordings at conferences. It’s such a turnkey, simple technology.
Cory Lammers, Online Course Developer


The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving with endless program and policy changes. It’s difficult to keep all stakeholders informed in real time.

Michigan Public Health Institute needs to efficiently and cost-effectively communicate with its more than 500 employees spread across a dozen buildings, as well as the 55 Michigan state agencies it partners with to help implement healthcare-specific programs and policies.


Streaming video is the glue for all these moving parts, uniting all MPHI employees and its partners.

MPHI holds monthly informational presentations for its employees and records them using Mediasite. The videos are available in MPHI’s SharePoint server that Mediasite integrates with, resulting in an online catalog that teaches new employees about MPHI’s operations.

In addition, MPHI records presentations from heads of state agency units discussing their work in different policy and program areas. For example, one of MPHI’s largest partners is the Michigan Women, Infants and Children (WIC) program that has many complex policies and procedures. It takes as much as eight hours for state workers to drive to training locations to learn the content. So, the WIC program distributes information to its employees in a timely fashion across the state using Mediasite. The content focuses on the impact on health and well-being of Michigan residents.

“Mediasite is very easy to use, so there’s not a lot to learn when we do onsite recordings at conferences. It’s such a turnkey, simple technology,” said Cory Lammers, Online Course Developer, MPHI.


Video has created a sense of community and a “personal touch” between MPHI employees and partners, Lammers said.

“Not delivering nameless, faceless content is essential,” he said. “We have live presentations and catalogs of pre-recorded pieces. If one is hired they see five basic presentations and later see routinely provided presentations. We also create onsite conference recordings. This all builds community for us.”

Having access to the online video libraries of educational content means its partners are able to provide better patient care. Plus, MPHI and its partners are saving money on travel costs, because their employees are able to watch training content anytime and anywhere.

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