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Coronavirus Public Health Announcements for the Masses Delivered with Streaming Video

February 10, 2020

The World Health Organization declared the Coronavirus a public health emergency of international concern, and healthcare associations have been in full crisis mode to prevent the spread of the disease.

While pandemic continuity planning has always been crucial, the way it’s being delivered has shifted over the years. In the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, live webcasts via Mediasite are helping healthcare organizations get their safety messages heard. We did a Google search to find out what type of announcements are being made to inform the public. Here are a few that we found:

  • Last Thursday, a doctor from the Arkansas Department of Health presented “Coronavirus: Where Are We Today?” to staff at Arkansas Children’s.
  • The City of Madison, Wis. did a news conference via Mediasite last week about a confirmed case of Coronavirus. Its County Executive and Mayor, along with Public Health Madison & Dane County staff, discussed the recent confirmed case and precautionary proactive steps officials have taken.
  • On Jan. 31, Vancouver Coastal Health hosted a town hall Mediasite webcast for staff. Its chief medical health officer provided an update on the virus and answered questions about how to best support their clients, patients and residents if they come in for care. You can watch the video here.

Using live streaming video to deliver safety information means that organizations can take their messages far and wide with big impact. This isn’t the first time organizations have turned to video to communicate public health announcements in real time. [Read: Zika Virus: Schools, Health Organizations Keep the Masses Informed with Mediasite Webcasts]

Our thoughts are with all those affected by the outbreak, and we are happy Mediasite can help deliver videos around the world during this scary time.

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