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Why It Makes Sense To Embrace The Cloud Early

April 04, 2022

Universities, healthcare providers, and businesses of all kinds are moving quickly to integrate video-based communication as a core element of their operational structure. This massive increase in video usage has created an urgent need for more bandwidth to ensure that organizations are able to handle new levels of demand from both inside and outside of their networks.  

Moving to the cloud is a highly effective solution for managing increases in video demand and viewership, and many organizations are taking steps to embrace a cloud-based digital strategy. Gartner estimates that 85% of organizations will transition to the cloud within the next three years. 

But there is no reason to wait three years to embrace the benefits of a cloud-based digital infrastructure. Moving to the cloud early can help you stay a step ahead of competitors and maximize the value of your transition, including benefits like:  

  • Eliminating the costs of maintaining an on-prem server infrastructure 
  • Increased scalability 
  • A more integrated user experience 
  • Greater workflow flexibility for your team 

But migrating to the cloud is a big step, and some organizations are hesitant to commit to a large-scale process that can raise a lot of initial questions. For example:

  • How long will it take to migrate our content to the cloud?
  • How will the transition affect the user experience of our content library?
  • What steps does my team need to take to prepare for a move to the cloud? 

Working with a trusted video management partner like Mediasite Cloud can help to facilitate a smooth transition and ensure that your organization experiences the full benefits of a cloud-based strategy.  

Learn More

To learn more, check out the latest Mediasite webinar Embracing the Cloud with Confidence, which features Mediasite VP of Customer Success Bill Cherne discussing the benefits of a cloud-based strategy, how to plan for a migration project, and what you should know before you make the move.

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