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What’s New In Mediasite?

April 13, 2022

In the most recent quarterly product update, we detailed how Mediasite has embraced an agility-first workflow that will allow us to integrate multiple new features and upgrades on a rolling basis.

As promised, Mediasite has already implemented fresh upgrades and added several new features. These include enhanced automated captioning powered by Vidable™, increased scheduling functionality and podium PC support as part of the brand-new Mosaic Pro feature, and new RTMP integration capabilities.

As Mediasite continues to evolve and improve, we are eager to keep our community updated on the latest enhancements to make sure that customers can derive maximum value and optimal functionality from their Mediasite experience. We are also keen to gather as much input and feedback as possible from users on the functionality of new upgrades, ideas for new features, or any other topic that could help us to improve the Mediasite experience.

In that spirit, we are thrilled to invite you to attend the What’s New in Mediasite? webinar on April 27th to learn more about the exciting new features coming your way in Mediasite.

Join Matthew Doyle Olson, Director of Product Management, along with members of the product team, to hear about Mediasite’s latest product releases which will improve the way you capture, enhance, and share your video content.

Join us LIVE to discover how Mediasite can provide:

  • New captioning capabilities: enhanced automated captioning for on demand video content now powered by Vidable™, providing greater accessibility for your audiences.*
  • Enhanced user capabilities: introducing Mosaic Pro which provides user profile scheduling and enhanced podium support, offering the same capture experience regardless of a user’s location.
  • Enhanced RTMP support: Increased flexibility to integrate 3rd party RTMP content sources with Mediasite.

*Limited availability release

Attend this webinar to learn how these new features will enhance your video strategy. Be sure to bring questions – our product team will be available to offer real-time responses during the Q&A portion of the webinar.

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