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Maximizing Your Mediasite Experience: 7 Essential Checklist Items

September 20, 2023

Checking off a checklist

Mediasite is more than just a video management platform—it’s a powerhouse of features and capabilities designed to optimize your video content strategy. To help you maximize its potential and streamline your video initiatives, we’ve prepared a comprehensive checklist of 7 essential items to check off your list to ensure that you’re making the most of Mediasite and unlocking its full capabilities. 

☑ Mediasite Capture

Have you activated Mediasite’s browser-based recording solution? Mediasite Capture launches directly from the MyMediasite portal and enables user to capture audio, video, and/or screen content with only a web browser. It is currently available to all Mediasite Cloud customers with an active Mosaic license. Open a case in the Mediasite Customer Care portal to activate Mediasite Capture for your users.

☑ Captions Powered by Vidable®

High-quality captions are no longer a nice-to-have; they are essential. Our AI partners at Vidable have developed a sophisticated solution that returns highly accurate captions in minutes, and that solution is available to all Mediasite users. Apply Captions Powered by Vidable® to your content today via the Edit tab in the MyMediasite management portal.

☑ Automated Scheduling & Recording

Video content management can be incredibly time-consuming. But with Mediasite’s automated scheduling and recording capabilities, organizations can effortlessly manage and record numerous presentations daily. Administrators can automate folder destinations, naming conventions, and publishing options, allowing for hassle-free recording and publishing of hundreds of presentations without manual intervention.

☑ Automated User Profile Provisioning

For large organizations, Mediasite’s automated user profile provisioning is a time-saving boon. This workflow enables the automatic creation of user profiles via an organization’s existing security or third-party identity provider. So, when new users log into MyMediasite, their profiles are created and validated automatically, eliminating the need for manual profile creation.

☑ Mediasite Search

Mediasite Search supports efficient content discovery by automatically making all videos searchable. Leveraging OCR for text in slides, annotations, and automated speech-to-text transcription for spoken content, Mediasite Search enables users to find specific content across individual videos, channels, or the entire system. (Pro tip: Applying Captions Powered by Vidable® to your content will generate a more accurate transcription and, by extension, more accurate search results!)

☑ Viewership Analytics

Mediasite provides detailed viewership analytics to understand audience behavior, measure content impact, and drive informed decision-making. Track viewing activity by video, user, presenter, catalog, showcase, or server. Engage with viewership heat maps to identify engagement hotspots, monitor server utilization, and view real-time snapshots of livestream broadcasts through the “Who’s Watching Now” dashboard.

☑ Storage Reports and Automated Content Retention

Mediasite storage reports give admins a holistic, real-time view of their content library, user activity, and storage capacity, enabling better-informed decision making. Automate content management actions based on pre-scheduled procedures, such as moving content from public to private, recycling content after specified periods, and adhering to specific retention policies. 


From automated scheduling and recording to robust analytics and content management capabilities, Mediasite enables seamless workflows, saves time for administrators, and enhances engagement with your video content.

Download a copy of this checklist to unlock the full potential of Mediasite and make the most of your video initiatives today. 

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