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    Top 5 Benefits of Automated Caption Translation

    November 20, 2023


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    Video accessibility is no longer an optional feature; it’s a fundamental component of reaching a global audience and fostering an inclusive learning or communication environment.

    As the demand for accessible video content continues to rise, Mediasite is expanding its accessibility features, most recently with the integration of automated caption translation capabilities powered by Vidable®.

    What are the benefits of automated caption translation?

    Mediasite is transforming the way customers connect with diverse audiences by enabling users to quickly translate captions into over 32 languages. Lets explore the top five benefits of Mediasite’s automated caption translation for video accessibility, audience growth, and expanding your global footprint.

    1) Enhanced Accessibility

    In today’s world, accessible content is both a moral and legal imperative. Automated caption translation ensures that your videos are accessible to diverse audiences worldwide. With translated captions, viewers with hearing impairments, as well as viewers in noisy or noise-restricted environments, can enjoy content in their preferred language.

    2) Global Footprint Expansion

    Effective communication knows no borders. Automated caption translation opens the door to the global marketplace. By offering captioned content in multiple languages, you can tap into new markets, connect with international audiences, and establish your organization’s presence on a global scale.

    3) Audience Growth

    Expanding your content’s accessibility encourages a wider viewership. By providing translated captions, you welcome a broader audience base, including non-native English speakers. This drives higher engagement, longer viewing times, and increased brand recognition.

    4) Improved User Experience

    An accessible video is a pleasurable video. Automated caption translation enhances the overall user experience by allowing your audience to choose captions in their preferred languages. It fosters a more comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience, leading to higher user satisfaction and content retention.

    5) Compliance with Legal Requirements

    Many countries mandate accessibility standards for online content. Automated caption translation ensures that your video content complies with global regulations. By adhering to accessibility standards, you mitigate legal risks and demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity.

    As you strive to make your content accessible to the widest possible audience, Mediasite’s automated caption translation ensures that no one is left behind. We hope you’ll consider partnering with us to welcome a global audience, promote inclusivity, and help lead the way to a more accessible future.

    Current Mediasite customers can reach out to their account representative or open a case in the Mediasite customer care portal to activate automated caption translation today.

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