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    Top Six Benefits of Integrating Your Web Conferencing and Video Management Platforms

    September 14, 2023

    Image of a videoconferencing with a smartphone displaying data graphs next to it.

    You may be wondering “Why do I need a video management platform like Mediasite when my organization has finally gotten the hang of using Zoom or Teams for most of our video needs?” Valid question. But the truth is, there are actually several reasons why an organization can benefit from a dedicated video management platform in addition to web conferencing applications like Zoom or Teams? Let’s take a look at some examples. 

    1. Storage and Organization of Videoconference Recordings

    Mediasite allows you to securely store, manage, and categorize videos in a structured manner, making it easy to locate and access specific videos whenever needed. Better yet, our Mediasite + Zoom Integration lets you automatically turn your single-stream Zoom recordings from meetings and classes into rich, searchable, and easily shareable on-demand videos. So say goodbye to large, cumbersome Zoom video files!

    2. Content Security and Access Control

    Mediasite offers robust security features to protect your most valuable video assets. Let’s say you are participating in a Zoom meeting where confidential company information was discussed. These features provide granular control over access rights–allowing you to carefully decide which users or groups can access potentially confidential content.

    3. Video Editing and Production

    Video conferencing applications focus primarily on real-time communication, while post-production is often an afterthought. Mediasite values built-in video editing and production capabilities, allowing you to enhance your videos through captions or subtitles, clip editing, or brand element incorporation. This way, your content stays alive–whether delivered live or as an on-demand video.

    4. Video Analytics and Insights

    At Mediasite, we pride ourselves on our robust analytics and reporting functionalities. You have the ability to analyze how your videos are being consumed, track engagement metrics such as views, watch time, and drop-off rates, and evaluate trends or patterns that may guide your future content strategy. Knowing what meetings are being watched and referred back to can help you decide what content to keep and what content to follow-up on.

    5. Scalability and Integration 

    Mediasite is built to handle large-scale video deployments and growing video content libraries that most web conferencing applications can’t. We often integrate with other tools and systems, such as learning management systems (LMS), content management systems (CMS), or customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, allowing seamless integration and enhancing the overall workflow

    6. Customization and Branding

    A dedicated video management platform like Mediasite gives you much more control over the user experience and branding of your video content. You can customize the video player, embed videos on your website or intranet, and ensure a consistent brand experience across all video interactions so you can accurately represent and align with your company’s visual identity and brand standards. 

    The bottom line is simple: Don’t just store your video conferencing recordings, leverage them to their full potential! A video management platform like Mediasite will help your team to mine their full value by referring back to important sections, sharing clips with colleagues or partners, providing significant video insight information, and much more.   

    To learn more about Mediasite and its integration capabilities, watch our on-demand webinar “Mediasite Beyond the Basics: How to Maximize your User Experience”.

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