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Innovation Award: Mental Health Organization Records Patient Therapy Sessions for Doctors’ Review

April 12, 2017

This is part of a continuing series highlighting the 2017 Enterprise Video Award finalists.


GGzE in the Netherlands offers help and support to people with severe, multiple, complex and often long-term psychiatric and psychosocial problems.

During their training at GGzE, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists and nursing specialists record therapy sessions with their patients – with patient consent. This material is then available for these professionals to review on-demand. They’re able to critique their performance and find ways to improve.

But, like any matter involving sensitive information, privacy is a major concern.


GGzE is one of 50 mental healthcare institutions in the Netherlands that belongs to GGZ Ecademy, which creates elearning training materials with Mediasite for healthcare professionals. GGzE began using Mediasite through GGZ Ecademy, because it provided a secure video content management system.

These healthcare professionals record the sessions with their smartphones – which are less intrusive than video cameras – and upload the content into Mediasite where it can be reviewed. The patients are also able to watch these videos to recall what they discussed with their doctors.


In the near future GGzE plans to expand its use of Mediasite for things such as patient education and coaching for doctors.

“Mediasite provides a versatile and safe infrastructure that patients and therapists can employ for reflecting on therapy sessions, as well as in the coaching of employees,” said Kees Spitters, Manager Innovation GGzE. “We look forward to exploring the many other possibilities this platform offers.”

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