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Mediasite in Action Award: A University Shuts Down in Wake of Hurricane but Classes Continue with Video

April 11, 2017

This is part of a continuing series highlighting the 2017 Enterprise Video Award finalists.


In October 2016 the east coast of the U.S. saw the wrath of Hurricane Matthew. Eastern North Carolina, where East Carolina University is located, saw strong winds, storm surge, wind damage and devastating flooding. The lasting effect came from the eight to 14 inches of rainfall that fell.

The major interstate in the area, I-95, closed for several days, and other roads were either washed away or under water. Nearly 750,000 people were without power for days.

The university wasn’t immune to the storm’s effects, and classes were canceled for a week. How could the university avoid class disruption?


“There’s a tradition here on campus for instructors to use Mediasite on days when their classes are canceled because of inclement weather or snow,” said Jarrett Shafer, ECU Mediasite administrator.

Faculty can easily create videos – right from the comfort of their own homes – using My Mediasite Desktop Recorder.


When classes were cancelled during the hurricane, faculty created about 60 new video lectures so learning was never disrupted. Some instructors even showed up for their regular in-room scheduled recordings. They just talked to an empty room.

The majority of faculty used My Mediasite, and it helped to minimize some downtime and keep their course on track, letting students learn on their own time.

During that week, more than 1,100 students viewed 716 Mediasite presentations 5,400 times.

“Mediasite was a very valuable resource for getting out information.”


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