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Innovation Award: How NC State Uses Multi-View Video Technology to Teach a STEM Course

April 13, 2017

This is part of a continuing series highlighting the 2017 Enterprise Video Award finalists.


The graduate engineering course Metrology for Precision Manufacturing at North Carolina State University is taught as a face-to-face and online course. Students learn how to use an interferometer, an instrument used to make very small measurements.

The key to learning this instrument is to see how it is set up and simultaneously observe what is happening at the microscopic level.

However, the lab with the interferometer is too small for the average class size to meet, and distance students aren’t able to be on campus.


NC State’s DELTA media production team created a series of training videos using Mediasite MultiView to capture the action of the instructor changing controls on the interferometer, the reaction on the object and the readout of the interferometer’s data analysis application.

Students watching the Mediasite videos can choose to watch all three views at once or any combination that best suits their learning style. They have complete control over their view and can customize learning by viewing the material on their own time – pausing and replaying the videos.


Before the interferometer demonstration videos, students learned from manuals and poorly-produced videos that didn’t show simultaneous views. Now, students get an up-close and personal demonstration of the instrument.

Comprehension levels have increased, and students are learning faster. This is the first time that an instructor at NC State has used Multiview technology to teach a lab. Given the number of labs and instruments on campus, there is great excitement about how Mediasite MultiView technology can improve learning.

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