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How to Improve Videos with Quizzes

January 11, 2019

Are you interested in helping your audience get a deeper understanding of your video — and getting some great feedback on how you’re doing, too?

Give a quiz with your video lecture or training within My Mediasite desktop recorder, our personal capture software.

Not just for academics


Sure, when you think of quizzes, you probably think of the classroom setting: nervous, sweaty-palmed students who just found out about a pop quiz in Algebra on the the Pythagorean Theorem notes they didn’t study last night. That never happened to you, right? Of course not!

But, you know the word quiz is not a bad word. In fact, it’s a great way to gauge comprehension of your videos and help you as an instructor personalize the material. Quizzes are an excellent interactive feature to promote better engagement in almost every type of video learning situation, including:

  • Corporate training — Any time you have training for internal employees, quizzes offer you an opportunity to test out your material. Do employees understand what you’ve said? Are they engaging in the training?
  • Healthcare education — Quizzes can keep patients engaged and interacting with your video while reinforcing important information about their health.
  • Regulatory or compliance training — Want to make sure your learners understand crucial information for your business? There’s no better time to make sure they get it.
  • Meeting planners, event space managers, and many others can use quizzes as part of professional development courses, conference videos and more.

Mediasite’s quiz features


Mediasite quizzes are flexible, allowing you to create the type of quiz that works best with your learners. For example, a ‘study guide’ quiz allows learners to go through the video as many times as they like, change their answers and self-assess along the way. Other types of quizzes, like the ‘scored quiz,’ don’t allow students to change their answers.

How to create a quiz in Mediasite


Your quizzes might be hard. But creating one for your Mediasite video is not. We promise.

First select the Mediasite video you want to add the quiz to and you’ll click the ‘Edit Quiz’ button.

Next, you’ll see a ‘Create Quizzes’ box. Select the type of quiz you want (Study Guide, Assessment, Scored).

Underneath the type of quizzes are a number of choices. Don’t get overwhelmed. Those boxes allow you to adjust the quiz settings. Essentially, they give you the customized options you need to send the right quiz to your learners.

Here are a few examples of settings you can select:

  • The last thing someone wants is to have to go to bed not knowing how they did on your quiz! If you want to allow learners to see their score immediately, you can check the box.
  • Afraid you’ll place the answer for each question as choice C? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Mediasite can randomly order your answers for you.
  • There’s even a box for disabling the seek bar so your learners can’t scroll through the material (if you want to keep them on their toes).
  • Also on the screen, you’ll see a place to give your quiz a title and a description. The description box can be important for learners. You can let them know if this a graded quiz, if this is for learning assessment or if it is for feedback on how you successful you were in developing the video. If you let them know it’s not graded and you appreciate them taking the quiz, they are going to love you!

The next step is to start to place your quiz at whatever point in your video you’d like. Play your video and once you’ve found your location, press the green ‘Add Quiz’ button.

Add the specific questions for your quiz by pressing the green ‘Add Question’ button. Choose the type of question you want to ask (True/False, Multiple Choice). You also have the option of timing the quiz question against the video. For example, if you want a question to pop up at the 10:31 mark of your video, Mediasite’s quizzing feature allows you to do this easily.


And if you are not happy with your quiz, no problem. You’ll have the ability to edit your quiz.

Once you complete the setup, you can publish the quiz in your video. Your learners will get instant results once they submit the quiz (if you allow it).

View the results


Quiz results are available in the analytics of My Mediasite. Plus, learners can even submit video assignments that instructors can view and grade in your LMS.

With Mediasite, you’ll have access to valuable data about who viewed the video and took quiz, including information like their score, amount of time watched and even viewership by browser and device.

The ability to view results in My Mediasite allows you to measure your learners’ progress at each phase of your course. You also get real-time feedback on understanding of topics, which can help you measure your own progress and tweak your instruction, if necessary.

When combined with the data from your quiz and other interactive features, you get deeper insights than ever before the impact of your videos.

Give the interactive quiz a try


Quizzing has universal appeal in video learning no matter your industry. It makes as much sense for a corporate trainer as it does for a college professor. By using quizzes, you create more opportunities to engage your audience. You not only can gauge how well your students are learning the material, but you can inject some interactive fun in the process.

It only takes a few minutes to create one in Mediasite, so give it a try for your next video course.

Learn more in this webinar, 3 Ways Mediasite Enhances Engagement.

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