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    Add More Value to Your Online Classes, Trainings with Mediasite’s New Zoom Integration

    August 27, 2020

    At a glance:

    • Mediasite’s new Zoom integration available now
    • Record Zoom classes, schedule meetings and choose which videos to automatically upload into Mediasite
    • Create a robust, organized and interactive video channel of Zoom + Mediasite content

    zoom mediasite integration graphicAs so many schools and businesses continue to embrace virtual classes, meetings and trainings, Mediasite’s latest feature makes it easier than ever to make sure that the recordings don’t get lost. Our latest update allows you to integrate your Zoom Cloud with Mediasite. The integration gives you a more seamless and automated workflow between Zoom, Mediasite and your LMS.

    Why is this important? Because you’ll create a robust, organized and interactive video channel of Zoom + Mediasite content. Your Zoom recordings will benefit from the full functionality of Mediasite, including:

    • Closed captioning and audio transcriptions with confidence scoring
    • Flexible cloud storage
    • Powerful search across all your video content
    • Video and caption editing tools for rich, adaptable study resources
    • Anytime anywhere publishing from any device
    • Interactivity features like embedded quizzing and polling to track viewer engagement
    • Back-end analytics and built-in reports showing exactly who is watching what and when

    With a few simple click and adjustments to a scheduled Zoom meeting you can have your recording not only automatically upload to Mediasite but also make sure it is directed to the correct folder to include in an LMS. Here’s how it’s done:

    The magic happens when you schedule your class or meeting in Zoom.  Within the ‘Advanced Options’ in Zoom you will see several fields. The most important field is a dropdown labeled ‘Import to Mediasite.’ Simply select ‘Yes’ and voila, once your Zoom Cloud recording has processed, it will automatically import to Mediasite for you to edit, add engagement and share.

    Going one step further, you can even direct your Zoom Cloud recording to a specific channel within your LMS. The Module ID in Zoom allows you to enter or select your course. The video will upload directly to your course channel so no further action is needed to get it to your students.

    While it is easy to select the record button in your Zoom meeting, it is also easy to forget. If you want to make sure that every meeting, lecture or training in a series is recorded, Zoom allows you to choose that as an option. It is once again found in the ‘Advanced Options.’ Simply choose ‘Automatically record meeting > In the cloud.’ As soon as you join the call, the recording will start so your students won’t miss any of the important details.

    Get all the step-by-step details in our latest Mediasite U training course here.

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