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Introducing Mediasite 8.0 and Beyond: What’s New

Introducing Mediasite 8.0 and Beyond: What’s New

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In this digital-first world, streaming video’s incredible value is front and center as everyone teaches, learns and communicates online. Join Matthew Doyle Olson, Director of Product Management, for a webinar to learn how the next generation of Mediasite – Mediasite 8, coming in June – will help you be a leader in this new reality. You’ll learn:

  • How you can create and manage video more efficiently at a higher quality with less bandwidth
  • What enhancements to Mediasite will help you quickly scale your deployment to match your users’ massive video needs
  • What new integrations with conferencing tools are headed your way to meet your users where they are
  • Why your users will benefit from a cohesive viewing experience across all Mediasite platforms
  • How we’re strengthening our product and technology team to lead the next evolution of educational video for you
  • What exciting projects are on the horizon

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