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Move from TechSmith Knowmia to Mediasite with ease

Move from TechSmith Knowmia to Mediasite with our seamless and affordable migration program

Are you looking for a new video capture solution to replace your TechSmith Knowmia software? Take a look at Mediasite.  


With Mediasite’s convenient lecture capture app your students will feel more connected to campus and faculty in this digital world. Simple-to-use software helps instructors and students record and upload lesson videos and assignments from any device.  


It doesn’t end there, either. With Mediasite, you have a complete video ecosystem of capture, streaming and management options with the highest quality viewing experience.  


Give your students the quality learning experience they deserve by creating the hybrid classroom of the future with Mediasite. Complete the form to learn how you can transform your video initiative using cutting-edge technology and trends.  

Mediasite makes virtual learning easy…


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What sets Mediasite apart? 

Mediasite is the longest-running video platform on the market, so this isn’t our first trip around the sun.  Instructors can record once and reach many — anytime, anywhere. With our users generating on average 1 million Mediasite views per month, Mediasite teaches around the clock, so your instructors don’t have to.  

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Interactive learning with quizzing

Maximize the impact of your videos with interactive engagement features that bring your content to life.  

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Create video lessons from anywhere, on any device

Your users can teach, train and collaborate with simple-to-use software.

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Choose certainty with our team of experts 

Your success is pretty close to an obsession for us. Our extensive team of experts have you covered at every phase of your video journey. Rest assured that you’re partnering with the best 

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Accommodate all learners with captioning and editing tools

Auto captioningcustomizable players and an easy-to-use editor helps you strengthen students’ overall content comprehension and creates an equitable learning experience for all.  

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LMS & video conference integrations

Create customized video playlists in your LMS. Plus, turn your collaborative video conference recordings into valuable on-demand study tools with Mediasite’s Zoom and Teams integrations.

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Mediasite gives schools a massive opportunity to create better learning outcomes.

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Add subtitles and interactivity for accessible content 

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Appeal to different learning styles 

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Let students pause, rewind, slow down and speed up lectures during study time 

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Personalize learning

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Teach students the way they want to learn 

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Gauge student understanding with robust, real-time analytics 

Ready to move to Mediasite?

We’ll work with you on the right cost-effective package to make the switch.

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