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Mediasite Expansion

As the video demands of your organization increase, you may need to expand your underlying Mediasite server infrastructure to support that growth. The Mediasite Expansion service gives you access to experienced Mediasite Consultants who will work with your IT team to plan and implement infrastructure changes and ensure that Mediasite is properly configured for your new environment.
  • clock icon Up to 8 hours
  • location pin icon Remote (on-site upgrade available)
  • user group icon Existing customers

What to Expect

Expanding your Mediasite deployment is an exciting endeavor. You want to ensure a smooth process when adding new servers, migrating data centers, changing databases or adding load balancers. Don’t tackle it alone! Let one of our Mediasite Consultants guide you and your IT team through the planning and execution process of this major upgrade.

This service includes:

  • Dedicated time with a Mediasite Consultant to plan your infrastructure changes
  • Assistance with re-configuring Mediasite to perform efficiently on the new infrastructure
  • An in-place minor upgrade to the latest version of Mediasite is typically performed with this type of project
  • Basic functionality tests to ensure the upgrade was executed properly
  • This service requires the assistance of your IT, Mediasite server, networking, database and application administrator and must be performed during business hours

*Advanced integrations with enterprise directories, Learning Management Systems or other systems may require additional professional service fees

**This service can be performed remotely or on-site (additional travel fees apply for on-site work)

Project Kick-Off

Call to discuss the infrastructure changes that should be made, upgrade process, prerequisites, roles and responsibilities and to schedule a date for your upgrade.


Your Mediasite Consultant will work with your IT team to connect to your Mediasite servers and perform the application upgrade along with any necessary configuration changes to ensure compatibility with the new infrastructure changes.

After the upgrade is complete, we will perform a basic functionality test to ensure the upgrade was successful.


Once the integration is complete, we will work with you to ensure everything is functioning properly and address any final questions you may have.

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